Iridium GO!® Text and Call E-Voucher

For availability, please contact resellers of Iridium GO!.

Expanding the value proposition for Iridium prepaid customers, Iridium is now offering a SMS-centric prepaid solution for Iridium GO!®.

The Iridium GO!® Text and Call E-Voucher includes 3,000 SMS Text Messages and 6 Month Expiry, making satellite communications more accessible than ever before. Now you can communicate the way you want without set-up, activation, or monthly fees. Wherever your journey takes you—from mountains to deserts to oceans—use your Iridium GO! to text, call, Tweet, email, and more.

Iridium GO! allows you to stay connected on your favorite iOS and Android devices. Connect up to five mobile devices and harness the power of the Iridium network to stay in touch anywhere you travel. Whether you want to share the moment of a lifetime or need to call for help, Iridium is there.

The Iridium GO!® Text and Call E-Voucher* includes:

  • 3,000 SMS Text Messages
  • 6 Months Expiry
  • No Activation or Setup Fee
  • No Monthly Fee or Access Fee
  • No Load or Recharge Fee

This e‐voucher is perfect for the text‐heavy user segment of the prepaid market that need little or no voice/data minutes.

Additional Iridium GO!® Plans include:

  • Iridium GO!® Seasonal: 1,200 SMS and 6 Months Expiry
  • Iridium GO!® Annual Plan: 3,000 SMS and 12 Month Expiry

*Rules and restrictions apply, Contact your local Iridium Authorized Service Provider for more details and/or purchase.