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Iridium Connected™ solutions allow you to stay connected to Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles (UAV) no matter where they fly. With truly global coverage, Iridium creates a line of sight to your remote solutions, driving safety and efficiency and allowing you to expand your operational footprint to anywhere in the world.

Download our Safe Separation With Monitored Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) whitepaper.


Featured Applications

  • Primary Communications / C2 Link

    • Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS)
    • Global Network-Based Remote ID
    • Sensor Data Flight Monitoring – Direction, Heading, Altitude, Telematics/etc.
    • Unmanned Aviation System Traffic Management (UTM)
    • Autonomous Vertical Take Off & Landing (VTOL) Vehicles
    • Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) / Air Taxis
  • Payload Communications

    • Infrastructure & Industrial Inspection (Turbines, Rail, Distribution Lines)
    • Remote Package Delivery
    • Environmental / Climate Monitoring
    • Disaster Assessment
    • Remote Package Delivery
    • Search and Rescue

Iridium Advantage

The Iridium network extends the reach of terrestrial and cellular infrastructure with truly mobile communications capabilities, making it ideal for supporting the connectivity needs of autonomous systems anywhere in the world, even in challenging terrain or adverse weather. From pole to pole, Iridium’s global, low-latency data services provide the ideal solutions for transmitting data messages between remotely-piloted aircraft and centralized operations centers.

Global Line of SightSM

Iridium provides visibility everywhere on the planet through our low-earth orbit (LEO) satellite network. Its LEO positioning, combined with L-band frequency, creates a line of sight from remote operations centers to UAVs operating anywhere in the world, unimpaired by obstacles, uninhibited by the limits of a terrestrial infrastructure, and unaffected by weather conditions.

Real-Time Connections

Iridium’s LEO network provides low latency connections from UAVs to operations centers, allowing critical safety and operational data to be shared in real-time.

Size, Weight, & Power

Iridium core technologies provide developers with small, lightweight, low-power transceivers and chipsets that increase the capabilities and mission time of unmanned or autonomous systems dramatically. Please visit our Developer page to learn more about developing with Iridium technology.

Low-Cost Service

With a range of connectivity services and flexible service plan options, Iridium offers top-of-the-line performance at lower rates than other satellite providers.

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