Iridium Maritime Safety Services

Maritime Safety & Security

World-Class Network. World-Class Solutions.

From the smallest leisure craft to the largest SOLAS-regulated vessels, Iridium has a long, trusted history supplying maritime safety services. Produced by world-class partners adhering to the latest laws, regulations, and safety standards, Iridium Connected™ maritime safety equipment is designed to keep your ship and fleet operating safely anywhere in the world.

Iridium partner maritime safety solutions range from a Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS)-compliant terminal delivering an all-in-one maritime safety solution to stand-alone LRIT trackers and satellite-based citadel communications systems.

Global Shipping Needs A Global Network

Discover The Iridium Difference

The Iridium Network Offers:

  • Pole-to-pole network coverage
  • Highly resilient L-Band with small, non-moving antennas unaffected by weather
  • Satellite diversity that significantly reduces signal blockage
  • Ongoing innovation both on Iridium’s network and partner terminals
  • Learn more about the Iridium Network
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