BlueTraker® SSAS

The BlueTraker® SSAS (Ship Security Alert System) terminal is a self-contained unit with pre-programmed tracking and security alerting functionalities. The system offers two or more safety buttons that are installed on on-board the vessel. The devices’ unique double-shell housing with a ventilated layer between gives it an added protection against low and high temperatures and winds. All integrated design ensures the main terminal unit is away of harms reach in order to perform its function without interventions. It can be installed on the highest point of the vessel.

  • Two security buttons to sound the alarm in case of an emergency situation.
  • Pole-to-pole coverage through use of the Iridium Satellite network.
  • Ability to withstand the harsh maritime conditions.
  • Tracking and Alert Messaging
  • In addition to SOLAS security alert requirements, the BlueTraker ssas device is capable of position data report transmissions for day-to-day tracking purposes. The ship’s position can be monitored on the service provider’s web tracking site.
  • On board security alert systems are governed by various internationally agreed rules and regulations as promulgated by the IMO International Maritime Organization), as recommended by its’ associated sub – committees, principally the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC).


Key Benefits:

  • True global coverage
  • Fully integrated design, easy to install
  • Various mounting and installation options
  • Low total lifecycle cost
  • Easy integration with application software
  • Provided web based GUI for device monitoring and configuration


Key Features:

  • Iridium Satellite network offering A4 Sea Area coverage
  • Rugged outdoor housing
  • Integrated GPS receiver
  • Positions logged to internal memory
  • Integrated backup battery
  • Low-power mode for extended life on backup battery


Inherent Safety and Security:

  • Mechanical, electrical and electromagnetic safety and security features
  • Unique serial number engraved on the housing
  • Tamper detection built-in
  • Antenna blockage detection
  • Security seals to prove unauthorized access
  • Main cable open loop and short circuit detection
  • External power failure tolerant due to back-up battery
  • System diagnostics reports


Complete SSAS Solution:

  • BlueTraker® SSAS terminal ConBox SSAS
  • Primary and secondary alert buttons
  • Mounting accessory (UniMount or RailMount)
  • Includes main cable and alert cables (various lengths)


Benefits to Ship Owners:

  • Web based management platform
  • Data service subscription available
  • Web-based fleet tracking application

Technical Specifications & Features


True Global Coverage:

  • Iridium satellite network
  • Sea Area A4 coverage


Engineered for Cold Environment:

  • Capable of surviving temperatures down to -50°C at polar regions
  • Double shell-ventilated housing combats accelerated cooling in windy environments
  • Smart thermostatic temperature control for “Cold State Power-up”
  • Special, arctic grade power supply cable


Simple Yet Comprehensive User Interface:

  • Primary SSAS alert button
  • One or more secondary SSAS alert buttons
  • Alert message indicates whether primary or secondary button was activated
  • Operation mode selector (test mode/normal mode)
  • Protection against unintentional alert triggering


Fully Approved and Certified:

  • SSAS Type Approval
  • IEC60945 certified
  • IP 68, IP 69K compliant
  • Iridium approved
  • CE Mark