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When climatologists are out in the field – especially in extreme weather conditions – connectivity is critical. Researchers and scientists need to communicate with each other, field bases, and labs hundreds or thousands of miles away. Iridium® delivers these vital communications services and supports climate research with unparalleled performance through robust, weather-resilient solutions. From helping researchers to analyze soil density in remote lands, or track glaciers in isolated oceans, or provide early warnings for natural disasters, Iridium solutions are at the core of climate research and innovation.

Featured Applications

  • Research Connectivity

    • Weather Pattern Data Gathering & Forecasting
    • Weather Balloon Command and Control
    • Water Level Monitoring
    • Water Salinity Monitoring
    • Temperature and Barometric Pressure Data Collection & Storage
    • Energy Usage Reporting
    • Soil Density Monitoring
    • Ice Tracking
    • Early Tsunami / Weather Detection and Warnings
  • Field Communications

    • Voice Calling
    • Team Coordination
    • Personnel Tracking & GPS
    • Weather Tracking 
    • Messaging Apps

Iridium Advantage

When it matters most, Iridium is there. Iridium’s satellite network enables the collection and transmission of short- and long-term weather forecasts, providing researchers with critical information in real-time. With Iridium and our partners producing rugged, power-efficient solutions, we help climatologists better understand climate change and create new ways of tracking, recording, and preventing major climate events.

Global Coverage

Only Iridium enables researchers to stay connected in even the most remote locations on earth, from pole to pole, in uncharted waters, and at any altitude. Our global network of 66 crosslinked satellites enhances scientists’ safety and allows them to share data in real time, even when they are outside the reach of traditional networks, ensuring organizations have the most up-to-date information anywhere in the world.

Bespoke Solutions

With Iridium’s wide variety of services and Iridium Connected® solutions, oceanographers have the freedom to choose what works best for their specific needs and build out their own unique solutions. Utilizing Iridium’s small, lightweight, low-power core technology, users can create specific solutions without sacrificing portability and mobility for tracking and data collection. If you are interested in developing your own solution, please visit our Developer page for more information.

Real-Time Connections

Regardless of where your research takes you (or your remote equipment), Iridium’s low-latency services enable you to gather and transmit data quickly and securely, including imagery and video, to increase efficiencies and accuracy in your research.

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