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With operations all over the world, onshore energy companies require reliable connectivity to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability. The Iridium® network allows you to monitor pipelines, manage remote operations, and keep onsite crews connected, regardless of location.

Featured Applications

  • Operations Center

    • Production Monitoring
    • Workforce Management
    • Service Dispatching
    • Safety Compliance
  • Site Exploration

    • High-Quality Voice
    • Iridium Push-To-Talk (PTT)
    • Service Vehicles Tracking
    • Remote Sensors
    • Weather Monitoring
  • Site Communications

    • High-Quality Voice Calling
    • Iridium Push-To-Talk (PTT)
    • Email & Messaging Apps
    • Internal Forms
    • SOS
    • Safe Room Connectivity
  • Asset Management

    • CanBus (Engine Hours, Performance, Alarms, Emissions)
    • GPS & Precision Location
    • Security Monitoring
    • Digital & Analog I/O
    • SCADA
  • Resource Monitoring

    • Depth Finding
    • Oil Reporting
    • Sensor Backhaul
    • Cargo Logging
  • Pipeline Management

    • Long-Distance Drone Inspection
    • Thermal Diagnostics
    • Pressure/Flow Meters
    • Corrosion Detection
    • Leak Detection
    • Environmental & Gas Emissions Monitoring
    • Pressure, Vibration, and Temperature Monitoring
    • Tank Overflow & Spill Prevention

Iridium Advantage

Iridium offers unmatched coverage and reliability, helping optimize and manage energy production on a global scale. With a portfolio of hundreds of Iridium and Iridium Connected® solutions, and a range of services designed to meet your data and connectivity needs, Iridium delivers versatile communications to power your energy operations.

Truly Global Coverage

Iridium’s global networks and devices work anywhere on the planet, even in high latitudes or adverse weather conditions. This means that energy operations with sites scattered around the world can utilize uniform equipment and services, regardless of location, simplifying project processes and expediting time from site exploration to production.

Real-Time Connectivity

Companies that work with pipelines or valves and protection systems need access to real-time data to monitor and manage operations and reduce equipment failure and downtime. With a wide range of Iridium and Iridium Connected solutions, onshore oil and gas companies have access to the information they need, when they need it, to make the most informed decisions.


Energy providers cannot afford to lose connectivity with the crews and critical applications working in remote regions. Iridium serves as an ideal VSAT companion or satellite backhaul solution with reliable, weather-resilient connections anywhere in the world. As operations become increasingly digitized, you can rely on Iridium to maintain a link to your remote systems, even when other providers cannot.


Iridium delivers reliable on-the-move communications, and with light-weight equipment, these solutions can be highly mobile. Keep your ground crews safe in regions with safety or security threats with the ability to pick up and go, taking critical comms with them in custom portable solutions developed by our leading partners.

Range of Solutions

With a range of connectivity solutions, ranging from slap-and-track devices to bespoke, integrated terminals, Iridium and our partners offer a portfolio of hundreds of communications tools to keep onshore energy operations powered up. Iridium Certus® midband and broadband products utilize low-profile, solid-state antennas to provide the fastest L-band speeds available for either primary communications, VSAT companion, or satellite backhaul. Iridium IoT solutions leverage small form-factors and integrated technology to connect with remote sensors for real-time data transfer.

Cost Effective

Iridium’s robust equipment and data services require a low capital investment, ensuring top tier performance at lower rates than other providers. And, with flexible service plans, users can choose and only pay for what solutions best fit their needs.

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