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Whether you’re on the ground operating machinery or working from high above on the scaffolding, Iridium keeps you and your construction crews connected for enhanced safety and heightened efficiency. With hardworking solutions to optimize operations and manage assets, crews work smarter with enhanced technology to anticipate and react to changes in real-time. From monitoring heavy equipment that is miles away to connecting with lone-workers on remote sites, Iridium provides unparalleled connectivity to your team and your assets – anywhere in the world.

Featured Applications

  • Operations

    • Mobile Office Connectivity with Internet and Multiple Voice Lines
    • Real-Time Telemetry 
    • Remote Data Collection 
    • Location-Tracking and Logistics via Sensor Data
    • Equipment and Asset Management
    • Environmental Compliance
    • Iridium® Push-To-Talk
  • Heavy Equipment Performance

    • Engine Hours and Status
    • Performance Indicators
  • Safety & Security

    • On-site Safety Management
    • Lone Worker Monitoring
    • Safety Compliance
    • Real-Time Alerts
    • Equipment Location Monitoring
    • Personnel Location Monitoring

Iridium Advantage

As the only truly global satellite communications network, Iridium provides an easily-deployable, mobile alternative to traditional and expensive on-site fixed infrastructure. With reliable, pole-to-pole coverage, lone workers and teams in the most remote environments are still connected to home base fulfilling safety and compliance requirements. Iridium also works directly with fleet management and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) of heavy machinery to deliver timely access to information needed to make critical decisions in the field — helping maximize efficiencies and reduce overall operational costs.


Iridium’s meshed network architecture delivers weather-resilient satellite connectivity. Since the Iridium network does not rely on local terrestrial infrastructure, it is unaffected by adverse weather on the ground, meaning you can continue to send data and coordinate across your team even if it is raining or snowing on-site.


With Iridium, mobile and portable solutions and easy group communications are the standard, not the exception. Through a range of portable Iridium and Iridium Connected® solutions, users can create a unique communications system that works wherever the team or the equipment goes. Whether you are setting up a remote field office, scouting locations, managing compliance standards, or gathering heavy equipment performance data in real-time, Iridium keeps you connected at peak productivity.

Global Network

Iridium’s unique network of 66 crosslinked satellites enable clear communications anywhere in the world, including remote or high-latitude areas that are out of reach from traditional terrestrial infrastructure.

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