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Researchers continue to push boundaries to explore and protect our planet’s vast ocean landscapes, and Iridium® is there to provide reliable connectivity and cutting-edge solutions. With a commitment to oceanic scientists and their critical work, Iridium delivers critical connectivity services that support oceanographic missions with exceptional performance, durability, and value at sea. Using Iridium’s unparalleled global connectivity, researchers and scientists create real world solutions to combat oceanic pollution, provide early warning for natural disasters like tsunamis, detect and monitor oil spills, and create weather forecasts.

Featured Applications

  • Scientist Communications

    • Data Transfer & Synchronization
    • High-Quality Voice Calling
    • Email
    • GPS
    • SMS and Messaging Apps
  • Buoys, Gliders, and Remote Sensors

    • Tsunami Early Warning Buoys and Remote Sirens
    • Oil Spill Detection
    • Ocean Pollution Cleanup Operational Comms
    • Weather Forecasting
    • Fish Monitoring
    • Whale Monitoring
  • Floating Lab Operations

    • Performance Monitoring
    • Remote Diagnostics
    • Weather Updates
    • E-Navigation Updates
    • Vessel Data Recorder (VDR) Monitoring
    • Safety Services (GMDSS, Anti-Piracy, Lifeboat Emergency Comms)
  • Autonomous Research Vessels

    • Command & Control (C2) Steering
    • Real-Time Sensor Data Collection & Transfer
    • Vessel Location Tracking & Monitoring

Iridium Advantage

Iridium works even where other networks fail, offering reliable and weather-resilient connectivity to the entire globe, enabling oceanographers to stay safe and connected while operating in waters all over the world. Iridium and its partners offer a wide range of data-gathering solutions to support research from individual autonomous buoys to extensive floating labs with essential equipment.

Global Coverage

Iridium is the only satellite network that operates in isolated waters, in the poles, and everywhere else in the world. With 66 cross-linked satellites circling the earth in Low Earth Orbit, scientists and research equipment at sea are securely connected, and able to relay back information and findings in real-time, ensuring the flow of work continues uninterrupted.

Field-Tested Solutions

Iridium offers an expansive portfolio of communications products and services – including buoys, gliders, markers, profilers, autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV), and personal communications devices. High-performance and ruggedly engineered solutions enable the global research community to access all facets of communication and data, in any waters.

Flexible Services

With Iridium services and solutions, oceanographers have the flexibility to choose what works best for their specific needs. Iridium Connected® equipment is built on Iridium’s small, lightweight, low-power core technology, increasing its portability and mobility, and enabling its use on individuals and small vessels for tracking and data collection. Iridium offers a variety of flexible services to pair with the solutions from Iridium Certus® to low-latency Short Burst Data® (SBD®) that monitor and update status on scientific research tools.

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