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Only one network delivers reliable, truly global coverage from wheels up to wheels down. General aviation pilots can depend on the proven Iridium® network and Iridium Connected® solutions for all price points and features, ranging from simple, low-cost flight-following to full Internet connectivity. Enhance your in-flight experience with Iridium.

Featured Applications

  • Cockpit Connectivity

    • Flight Plan Updates
    • Flight Tracking
    • Navigation Chart & Terrain Database Updates
    • Graphical Weather 
    • Pilot Reported Weather Events (PIREPS)


  • Passenger Connectivity

    • Internet
    • Text, Emailing, and Messaging Apps
    • Calling, VoIP, and Voicemail
  • Safety Services

    • Mechanical Monitoring & External Sensor Readings
    • EFB Services

Iridium Advantage

The Iridium network sets the standard for reliable voice and data in flight. Small, light equipment from aviation industry experts, coupled with high-quality voice communications, real-time data transfers, and weather-resilient connections makes Iridium the obvious choice for in-flight comms.

Truly Global Coverage

Iridium’s low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites provide pilots with reliable inflight connectivity anywhere in the world, regardless of flight path or aircraft altitude.

Weather Resilience

Iridium’s L-band frequency creates weather resilient connections, assuring access to important flight plan updates, Pilot Reported Weather Events (PIREPS), and other important safety information, in real-time.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Iridium and our aviation partners offer a plethora of products that suit the needs of GA consumers, ranging from portable handhelds to fully integrated premium offerings. These solutions, coupled with flexible service plan options, make reliable satcom connectivity a reality for pilots of all general aviation aircraft.

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