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Creating a business continuity plan is essential to ensure your organization can continue operating in the event of a crisis. When a disaster happens, cellular infrastructure can be wiped out or networks can fail – leaving your company vulnerable. With Iridium’s business continuity solutions, banks, hospitals, public safety organizations, and businesses can safely coordinate between locations and get updates on changing conditions in real time.

Featured Applications

  • Day-To-Day Operations

    • Voice Calling
    • Email Access
    • Corporate Intranet Access
    • Integration with Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and Traditional Phone Lines
    • Data Transfer and Logistics Planning
    • Real-Time Weather Monitoring
  • Emergency Response

    • Field Team Coordination 
    • Situational Updates
    • Disaster Management (Satellite Imagery)
    • Identify Search and Rescue Areas 
    • Secondary Network Communications for Cybersecurity Threats

Iridium Advantage

Iridium® and Iridium Connected® solutions provide a critical connection for businesses to maintain operations in the face of devastating events and natural disasters. Through a robust portfolio of both handheld and fixed-installation products, Iridium offers emergency communication solutions on the go and in buildings, keeping you connected, even when local infrastructure fails.


When traditional networks go down, Iridium’s cross-linked satellites and redundant network routing allow Iridium Connected business continuity solutions to keep your facilities and fleets running so you can maintain your most critical operations. These solutions allow your organization to communicate with field teams or public safety officials even if local ground infrastructure is compromised or networks are busy.

Weather Resilient

Iridium’s mesh architecture creates a dynamic network in space as calls are automatically passed off to the nearest Iridium satellite without ever touching the ground, creating a highly secure and reliable connection regardless of ground conditions. Crosslinks make the Iridium network particularly impervious to natural disasters or challenging weather events – such as hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, forest fires, or windstorms.

Range of Solutions

Iridium and Iridium Connected solutions provide a range of connectivity options from basic messaging and tracking devices to broadband connectivity that offers three high-quality voice lines. By utilizing an external antenna, you can make voice calls through the Iridium network from inside your office, and larger operations can even integrate Iridium into an existing PBX phone system to use with a unique key sequence for emergencies.


Iridium offers a variety of affordable service plans, including flat rate push-to-talk services and unlimited Iridium-to-Iridium calling, allowing you to coordinate across a number of devices without worrying about expensive per-usage charges.


In the event of a cybersecurity threat or data breach, Iridium can help your company continue to communicate through secure satellite-based voice and data solutions. Services, such as Satellite Time and Location (STL), act as an alternative to traditional GPS and GNSS technologies to provide a resilient positioning, navigation and timing solution for critical business infrastructures, such as financial enterprises, utility providers, or network operation centers.

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