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Whether on the ground or in the air, business never stops. Iridium’s truly global network lets business passengers create an office in the sky, providing reliable calling, email, and internet access, so offsite never means offline. In the cockpit, Iridium® provides pilots with important operational information in real time, increasing safety and efficiency for everyone onboard, wherever business takes you.

Featured Applications

  • Passenger

    • Voice, Text, Email
    • Internet / VPN
    • Social Media
    • Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop Connectivity
    • Video
    • In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC)
  • Cockpit & Operations

    • Cockpit & Crew Voice
    • Graphical Weather
    • Flight Data Recorder Streaming
    • Mechanical Monitoring & Exterior Sensor Readings
    • Emergency Medical Services
    • Credit Card transactions
  • Location Services

    • Flight Tracking
    • Navigation Chart & Terrain Database Updates
  • Safety & Compliance

    • Air Traffic Service (ATS) Safety Voice
    • Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Services / SWIM
    • Future Air Navigation System (FANS)
    • Aeronautical Operational Control/Airline Administrative Control (AOC/AAC) Communications
    • GADSS / GAT
    • FOQA / MOQA

Iridium Advantage

Both crews and business passengers can rely on Iridium for global, real-time, two-way communications, anywhere in the world, regardless of flight path. With a broad range of connectivity solutions, Iridium provides high-performance broadband and personal communications, allowing passengers to stay in touch and pilots to stay informed, through all stages of flight.

Network Coverage

The Iridium low-earth orbit (LEO) network provides highly-reliable, truly global coverage in the air and on the ground, regardless of altitude. The network delivers L-band services that enable flight tracking, aviation safety services, and cabin connectivity, anywhere in the world, even in adverse weather conditions.

Two-Way Comms

Unlike many providers, Iridium offers real-time, two-way communications anywhere in the world, unlocking operational efficiencies and increased safety capabilities in both the cockpit and the cabin.


Iridium Connected® business jet solutions are developed by major aviation industry players, designed to fit your needs from the cockpit to the cabin. With a low-gain, lightweight design, antennas are easy to install and offer less drag on the aircraft. Whether you’re looking for cockpit communications or passenger connectivity, Iridium offers a full range of satcom products and services to keep you connected from wheels up to wheels down.

Low Lifecycle Costs

Iridium’s solid-state equipment offers a low-cost solution for satcom services with lower equipment and service costs than other connectivity providers. With antenna options that utilize omnidirectional technology and electronic steering, aircraft can remain operational during maintenance, and the sturdy equipment operates exceptionally with an extended lifetime, reducing short-term replacement costs.

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