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At its core, Iridium is a technology platform enabling connectivity and communication anywhere on Earth. These core technologies — both hardware and software — allow us to collaborate with licensed partners at every stage of development to create solutions to virtually any challenge.

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Iridium produces a range of off-the-shelf solutions in the Iridium Edge® product family, providing global connectivity for asset monitoring applications.

Licensed Core Technology
While most partners’ needs are met by off-the-shelf or module-based products, some require a truly custom solution, using Iridium Licensed Core Technology to design and build completely unique ways of connecting to the network. This may include access to reference designs, licensed IP & ASICs, or waveform options.

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Iridium GO!®
The Iridium GO! Mobile Application Developer Program allows partners and third-party developers to access the Application Programming Interface (API) documents and design innovative applications that are optimized to work with the Iridium GO! device.

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  • iridium sbd

    Short Burst Data® (SBD®)

    Used primarily for tracking and monitoring in remote locations, SBD is a simple and efficient network transport capability for transmitting short data messages between the equipment and centralized host computer systems.

  • RUDICS service icons


    RUDICS uses circuit-switching technology via a dial‐up modem & integrated services digital network (ISDN) for low‐bandwidth data transfer, to enable a host application to originate and terminate numerous connections simultaneously.

  • iridium certus icon

    Iridium Certus®

    Iridium Certus is multi-service platform offering a suite of broadband and midband capabilities. It offers enterprise-grade L-band services to meet your size, power, bandwidth, and speed requirements.

  • Iridium CloudConnect icon

    Iridium CloudConnect

    Iridium CloudConnect works by “translating” industry-standard IoT protocols and Iridium Short Burst Data®, allowing them to communicate seamlessly with one another, and accelerating the development of Iridium Connected® solutions.

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