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Iridium® keeps farms connected. Whether you work on 100 or 1,000 acres, we deliver reliable connectivity to optimize the technology used in your farm’s operations. With reliable data access on the remotest plots of land, you can manage, monitor, and automate farming tasks to have healthier crops and livestock, and increase your yield. Iridium and its partners deliver reliable, high-performance solutions for smart farming and precision agriculture, management of people and equipment, and remote communications — no matter how far afield you are.

Featured Applications

  • Equipment Management

    • Center Pivot Management
    • Telematics: Engine Hours, Bus, Position
    • “Connectivity in the Cab”
    • Crop Storage Temperature & Humidity Monitoring
  • Automation

    • Irrigation Automation
    • Precision Farming through Precise Point Positioning (PPP)
    • Seed and Fertilizer Dispensing
    • Autonomous Farming
    • Vendor-Managed Inventory Monitoring & Refill
    • Field Mapping
  • Environmental Sensing & Management

    • Soil Moisture and pH
    • Silo Temperature and Humidity Control
    • Air Temperature
    • Wind Speed and Direction
    • Precipitation Levels
    • Evaporation Levels
    • Solar Radiation Levels
  • Farmer Connectivity

    • Remote Field Connectivity
    • Farm-Wide LAN Deployment
    • Smartphone / Smart Device Enablement
    • Data Transfer
    • Farmer Safety
  • Crop Management

    • Plant Diagnostics and Crop Health
    • Weather Data
    • Disease & Pest Management
    • Yield Monitoring and Harvest Optimization
  • Livestock Management

    • Livestock Tracking
    • Health Monitoring
    • Feed Intake Monitoring
    • Herd Control
    • Sorting and Routing
    • Identification

Iridium Advantage

You work hard, so Iridium is helping make farming a little bit easier. With a reliable network serving remote regions all over the world, and a range of Iridium Connected® solutions designed for managing livestock, crops, and land, Iridium helps you optimize operations, from sunup to sundown.

Real-Time Data

Iridium’s low-latency LEO network allows farmers to track and monitor in real-time, and maximize production to help prevent yield loss and reduce overall operational costs.


Because of Iridium’s L-band positioning, the network is resilient to weather conditions. This means reliable connectivity day-in and day-out, even in the face of adverse meteorological activity.

Range of Solutions

Iridium works with a network of partners who identify industry challenges, then leverage Iridium technology to develop, manufacture, and deliver solutions.


Iridium offers flexible solutions with various plans designed to meet your needs, bringing choice and affordability to your satellite communications and connectivity.

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