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When disaster strikes, Iridium is there to provide reliable, global satellite communications even when local infrastructure has been damaged or wiped out completely. Government organizations, first responders, NGOs, volunteer relief groups, reporters, and individuals rely on Iridium for critical voice and data services both when responding to disasters, as well as during post-disaster reconstruction efforts. Iridium delivers solutions to help your team communicate, coordinate, and run critical applications for enhanced situational awareness and faster response times in the field.

Featured Applications

  • Dispatch and Operations Center

    • In-Building Phone and Push-To-Talk (PTT) Communications
    • Tracking and Monitoring of Remote Personnel and Assets 
    • Mobile Operations Office / Command Center
    • Relocation and Support Logistics
  • Cross-Organization Communications

    • Interoperable PTT Communications
    • Email
    • Messaging Apps
    • Message Boards
  • Aid Worker

    • Vehicular and On-the-Move Voice Communications and PTT
    • Personnel Tracking for Safety and Security
    • Laptop and Tablet Connectivity 
    • Land-Based PTT Range Extension 
    • Supply and Aid Distribution Logistics
    • Communication As Aid 
  • Long-Term Recovery & Reconstruction

    • Ongoing Site Management
    • Utility Coordination
    • Power Restoration
    • Infrastructure Rebuilding

Iridium Advantage

The ability to deliver truly global and truly mobile communications where infrastructure has been compromised or security is an issue, has made Iridium® the go-to standard for first responders and aid organizations around the world. Iridium can support a wide-range of immediate and long-term communication and coordination needs through weather-resilient, highly-reliable connectivity for teams deployed to affected areas.


The Iridium network does not rely on local ground infrastructure, so it is unaffected by conditions in disaster zones. Additionally, our network operates in the L-band, meaning the connections are resilient to weather conditions, enabling reliable connectivity even in the immediate aftermath of a storm. Your team can rely on Iridium for critical connections for immediate response and relief, as well as ongoing medium and long-term recovery and reconstruction efforts.


Iridium and our partners work closely to develop a wide range of in-building, vehicular, and on-the-move satellite solutions that integrate easily with existing LMR and terrestrial platforms to provide a comprehensive communications network for teams on the ground. Additionally, our solutions are built to allow easy, instant connections with your dispatch or operations center, team members, and other agencies/organizations anywhere on the globe.

Truly Global

Iridium’s mesh network is provides truly global coverage, meaning the same Iridium Connected® equipment can be used for deployments anywhere in the world.

Flexible Service Plans

Iridium offers flat-rate, global usage pricing through a network of international service providers, with no additional surcharges for roaming. Additional regional pricing or usage bundles may be available in your location. Please contact a service provider to learn more.


Iridium PTT devices feature no-compromise AES-256 encryption for secure communications, making your connections safe and resilient to threats on the ground.

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