Introducing the Iridium Museum

Follow Iridium's exciting journey of innovation and growth since its conception.

Iridium Announces 2Q 2020 Financial Results

Iridium reported financial results for the second quarter of 2020 and updated its full-year 2020 outlook.

Iridium Signs Launch Contract with Relativity Space

Iridium has signed a launch contract with Relativity Space for as-needed deployment of individual ground spare satellites. The Iridium constellation continues nominal operations and any launches will take place as determined by no earlier than 2023.

Be Prepared.
Stay Connected.

Think ahead. Plan, prepare, and stay connected when natural disasters occur.

Free Crew Calling Promotion

As part of continued efforts to help keep mariners stay connected during these unprecedented times, Iridium is offering up to 500 free crew calling minutes per vessel equipped with Iridium CertusTM or Iridium Pilot® maritime terminals through September 30, 2020.

About Us

In a world where global communications are increasingly essential, only one company connects everyone to the things that matter most, from pole to pole. Offering voice and data connectivity through a constellation of 66 crosslinked LEO satellites, Iridium keeps people – and things – connected on the land, in the air, or at sea. With communications solutions ranging from satellite phones to broadband, Iridium is trusted by more than a million mariners, pilots, humanitarians, first responders, governments, and more around the world.



Iridium Maritime solutions are designed to keep ships connected and safe in all the world’s waterways. Iridium partners utilize Iridium’s global cross-linked network to provide maritime equipment that fulfill the needs of the industry. Iridium’s maritime solutions use L-Band frequency which provides a weather-resiliant connection to outlast the harsh conditions at sea.




In a fast-growing market, leading companies continue to turn to Internet of Things (IoT) network devices to enable data access. As the world’s only truly global IoT network, Iridium and Iridium Connected® products provide low latency, near-real time data delivery, and provides reliable, critical data connectivity anywhere on the planet.


Land Mobile


Connected through the global network, Iridium Land Mobile devices are built to work anywhere in the world. Handheld devices are rugged and durable; built to withstand harsh environments. With the ‘always connected’ antenna designs, Land Mobile devices have increased incoming call availability, as well as smooth uninterrupted call connectivity, globally.




Iridium Aviation solutions provide reliable global coverage for aircraft of any size, anywhere. With low costs and a wide variety of applications, Iridium and its partners provide solutions that help improve safety, streamline operations, and allow for efficient communication between onboard crew, air traffic control, and ground crews.


U.S. Government


Iridium Government solutions provide secure global connections, beyond line-of-sight and out of reach of terrestrial networks. By maintaining a long-term partnership with the U.S. Department of Defense, Iridium enables robust, tactical, real-time voice connections and low-latency data, through a secure connection.


The Iridium Network

At only 780 kilometers from the Earth, the proximity of Iridium’s LEO network means poleto-pole coverage, a shorter transmission path, stronger signals, lower latency, and shorter registration time than with GEO satellites. In space, each Iridium® satellite is linked to up to four others creating a dynamic network that routes traffic among satellites to ensure global coverage, even where traditional networks are unavailable.

Your World. Our Network

Through an expansive network driven by the collaboration of more than 400 leading technology companies and powered by Iridium core technologies, the Iridium partner ecosystem leverages our partners’ specialized knowledge to deliver innovative solutions to users across a diverse set of industries around the globe.

Iridium Satellite LLC celebrates its 20th anniversary

The Iridium Online Museum is a tribute to the thousands of people and companies that have been a part of the Iridium story over the years. It is also for individuals who have followed and supported Iridium’s journey, and those who have been inspired by it to create the next big idea.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Through our support of education, sustainability initiatives, disaster preparedness and relief, as well as our philanthropic efforts, we try to do our part to make the world a better place. We strive to set an example for those we work with, for, and around of high standards of corporate citizenship.


Partner Ecosystem

Iridium is proud to support a strong partner ecosystem driven by value-added collaboration, powered by Iridium core technologies and focused on delivering global communications solutions that connect people and information in exciting new way.