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With commercial shipping, timing is everything. Iridium’s global coverage enables heightened situational awareness and efficient communications so you can effectively monitor and deliver critical cargo on time, anywhere in the world. Iridium’s robust services can be utilized as either the primary communications system or serve as a companion to existing VSAT setups, enabling you to stay connected, even when traveling polar routes.

Featured Applications

  • Vessel Operations

    • Weather Updates/Monitoring / Synchronization
    • File Transfer/Database Sync
    • E-Navigation Updates
    • VDR Monitoring (Vessel Data Recorder)
  • Connected Ship

    • Fuel Monitoring
    • Engine Monitoring
    • Remote Diagnostics
    • Cargo and Container Monitoring
  • Safety and Security

    • Weather Monitoring
    • GMDSS
    • Maritime Safety Information (Iridium SafetyCast℠)
    • Anti-Piracy
    • SSAS
    • LRIT
    • Lifeboat Communications
  • Cargo Monitoring

    • Asset Tracking & Visibility
    • Electronic Locks & Anti-Tamper Devices
  • Ship-to-Shore Crew Welfare

    • High-quality voice calling (pre-paid)
    • Email
    • Messaging Apps (i.e. WhatsApp)

Iridium Advantage

The only satellite provider capable of offering voice and data services anywhere on Earth, Iridium is trusted by countless fleets to ensure connectivity and efficiency. Unlike other providers, Iridium cuts through communications congestion and provides coverage where VSAT falters. When other vessels “go dark,” fleets equipped with Iridium® and Iridium Connected® devices remain online and connected with small, solid-state terminals that avoid terrestrial interference and noise. Used as the primary connectivity solution or as a VSAT companion, Iridium is unparalleled in our network and solutions, enabling vessels to operate efficiently and safely.

Reliable, Global Coverage

With Iridium’s unique crosslinked network architecture allowing communications to travel above the earth, a consistent bandwidth is available on the open ocean and even in congested areas like harbors and ports. Our network delivers highly reliable, global coverage, and our L-band services enable clear communications anywhere in the world, even in adverse weather conditions.

Solid-State Equipment

Iridium Connected solutions for merchant shipping are delivered through industry-leading terminal manufacturers with years of maritime communications and safety experience. Experience weather-resilient connectivity at the fastest L-band speeds available with easy-to-install, small, solid-state terminals.

Cost Effective

Iridium’s robust equipment and services require a low capital investment, meaning that smaller fleets can utilize the global coverage that meets regulatory standards and large fleets can replace or enhance their systems while remaining cost-effective. With a low total cost of ownership (TCO), fleets can remain within budget while enjoying all that Iridium’s services have to offer, and with flexible service plans, users can choose and only pay for what solutions best fit their needs.

Secondary Data Flows

Iridium Certus® services can be allocated within fleets to allow for multiple uses on one account. Utilize Iridium for vessel operations and safety, as well as crew welfare, all through one service account.

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