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Monitoring endangered species and wildlife migration patterns takes scientists all over the world, to remote areas of the planet where terrestrial coverage may fail. Iridium® delivers critical, two-way connectivity through unparalleled solutions and services to support research and conservation activities. From anti-poaching solutions to wildlife imagery and video surveillance, Iridium is at the core of wildlife research and conservation technology around the world.

Featured Applications

  • Field Communications

    • Voice Calling
    • Team Coordination through Iridium PTT
    • Email, Internet, and SMS/Messaging
    • SOS
    • File Transfers
  • Surveillance & Alerting

    • Anti-Poaching Solutions
    • Video Surveillance
    • Identifying Species
  • Location-Based Services

    • Species & Migration Tracking
    • Population Surveys
    • GPS
    • Sea Life Tagging
    • Personnel Tracking

Iridium Advantage

Iridium works when other solutions fail, offering reliable and weather-resilient connections through small, lightweight products designed to withstand the uncertain conditions of the wild. Utilizing Iridium’s global network, wildlife workers – from scientists and researchers to environmentalists and field workers – have reliable voice and data solutions to push their studies further. Iridium and our partners collaborate with conservation organizations, research groups, and individuals to develop ground-breaking solutions for monitoring and protecting global biodiversity. Our power-efficient solutions further enable researchers and scientists to better understand, track, and conserve the world’s wildlife, while remaining safe and connected themselves.

Global Coverage

Iridium is the only satellite network that operates everywhere in the world, even vast, remote locations. With 66 low-earth-orbit satellites circling the earth, wildlife researchers are reliably and securely connected, with the ability to send data in real-time and stay safe while in the field.

Small Form Factor Solutions

Species and herd tracking are critical components of wildlife research. Iridium partners utilize our small, light-weight, low-power core technologies to develop solutions small enough to tag animals of all sizes, and capable of tracking over many years, allowing researchers to better understand wild animal behaviors.

Real-Time Connectivity

Iridium and our partners offers an expansive portfolio of products that deliver real-time connections. From urban animal intrusion alerting systems to animal tracking collars, Iridium’s rugged technology is helping to revolutionize the way wildlife is being observed and recorded.

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