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Through the power of a truly global network, Iridium redefines operational control and in-transit visibility for cargo aircraft by delivering real-time access to data anywhere in the world. Counted on by some of the world’s largest airliners, Iridium provides a picture of relevant operational parameters and asset tracking data from wheels up to wheels down.

Featured Applications

  • Cockpit Communications

    • Cockpit & Crew Voice Calling
    • Graphical Weather
    • Flight Plan Updates
    • Flight Tracking
    • Navigation Chart & Terrain Database Updates
  • Aircraft Monitoring

    • Flight Data Recorder Streaming
    • Mechanical Monitoring & Exterior Sensor Readings
    • Flight Operational Quality Assessment (FOQA) / Maintenance Operational Quality Assessment (MOQA)
  • Aviation Safety

    • Global Aeronautical Distress & Safety Services (GADSS) / GAT
    • Secure Air Traffic Control/Aeronautical Operational Control (ATC/AOC) communications for Safety Voice and Future Air Navigation System (FANS)
    • ATS Safety Voice
    • EFB Services / SWIM
  • Cargo Tracking

    • Cargo Tracking and Monitoring
    • In-Transit Visibility

Iridium Advantage

Iridium delivers reliable, pole-to-pole connectivity to aircraft traveling anywhere in the world. Through a network of industry-leading partners, Iridium provides an expansive range of low-gain, solid-state equipment to reduce initial and ongoing costs. Plus, with small, light-weight, low-power trackers, cargo can be monitored throughout transit across the globe.


Iridium Connected® solutions for cargo aircraft are delivered through industry-leading manufacturers with years of aviation experience. Antennas are designed to be low-gain and lightweight, creating a very small footprint and offering less drag on the aircraft. Plus, every Iridium Connected solution is built using an industry-standard bolt pattern, meaning they can easily be installed on any airframe.

Network Coverage

The Iridium low-earth orbit (LEO) network provides reliable, truly global coverage in air and on the ground, regardless of altitude. The network delivers L-band services that enable flight tracking, aviation safety services, and cargo monitoring, anywhere in the world, regardless of weather conditions.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Iridium’s solid-state equipment provides a reliable, low-cost solution for satcom services with lower equipment and service costs than other L-band operators. With options for omnidirectional technology and electronic steering, aircraft can remain operational during maintenance, and the sturdy equipment operates exceptionally with an extended lifetime, eliminating short-term replacement costs.

Range of Choices

With a broad range of Iridium Connected solutions created and delivered by industry-leading partners, Iridium offers competitive products and services for cargo aircraft with low, flexible pricing plans.

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