Iridium Edge® Demo Kit

After following our IoT customers to some of the most remote areas in the world, we created Iridium Edge®, a rugged, hardware-ready satellite add-on that complements terrestrial-based solutions to extend data connectivity everywhere. We know our customers. We understand the critical need for fleets and assets to maintain reliable connectivity. Through our newest ready-to-install device, Iridium® delivers the dependable solutions your customers need, without a complicated integration and development process.

Are you looking for ways to reach remote markets? Are you wondering if satellite communications can offer the scalability and reliability that you need for business operations? Then test drive Iridium IoT! Purchase an Iridium Edge Demo Kit today and you will get a first-hand look at the value that Iridium Edge and the related Iridium services can deliver. The kit will allow you to quickly evaluate the simple and robust design of the product, while benefiting from the low latency that is enabled through Iridium’s Short Burst Data® service.

The Iridium Edge demonstration kit is sold at an affordable $499. It provides users with free airtime for six months, with a data allowance of 25kB per month. After the demonstration period is over, the Iridium Edge device will be automatically deactivated. If you love the device, contact Iridium before the demonstration expires to continue taking advantage of the global connectivity enabled through Iridium Edge.

Learn more about the Iridium Edge device, including key features and the benefits that can only be enabled through the Iridium satellite network.

Ready to Test Drive Iridium IoT? Here is what you need:

Note: The Iridium Edge Demo Kit requires an iPhone5 with minimum of iOS version 10.0


For more information, read the Iridium Edge Demo Kit Quick Installation Guide or email:

Provisioning Issues: Contact Iridium at