BlueTraker® SSAS Arctic

World’s only SSAS terminal engineered for Arctic voyage! Cold start capable down to -50° Celsius!

The BlueTraker® SSAS Arctic terminal is a self-contained unit with pre-programmed tracking and security alerting functionalities. The unique double-shell housing with a ventilated layer between the two shells gives it an added protection against low temperatures and winds.

To survive severe Arctic conditions a distributed web of heating elements throughout the electronic circuitry keeps the terminal operational down to minus 50°C additionally, device can cold start from temperatures down from -50°C… All electronic and mechanical components specifically selected for low temperature operation! See the white paper on challenges of vessel tracking in sea area A4.

  • Two security buttons to sound the alarm in case of an emergency situation.
  • Pole to pole coverage through use of the Iridium Satellite network.
  • Ability to withstand the harsh maritime conditions.
  • Tracking and Alert MessagingIn addition to SOLAS security alert requirements, the BlueTraker SSAS device is capable of position data report transmissions for day-to-day tracking purposes. The ship’s position can be monitored on the service provider’s web tracking site.
  • On board security alert systems are governed by various internationally agreed rules and regulations as promulgated by the IMO International Maritime Organization), as recommended by its’ associated sub – committees, principally the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC).
  • To survive severe Arctic conditions a layer of heating elements throughout the electronic circuitry which keeps the terminal operational down to – 50°C.
  • Smart Firmware provides safe thermostatic control enabling ‘Cold start Power-up’ at -50°C.
  • Mounting accessories made from stainless steel (EN1.4571) capable of withstanding of mechanical stress and vibrations at -50°C.


Key Benefits:

  • True global coverage
  • Fully integrated design, easy to install
  • Various mounting and installation options
  • Low total lifecycle cost
  • Easy integration with application software
  • Provided web based GUI for device monitoring and configuration


Engineered for Cold Environment:

  • Capable of surviving temperatures down to -50°C
  • Double shell-ventilated housing combats accelerated cooling in windy environments
  • Smart thermostatic temperature control for “Cold State Power-up”
  • Special, arctic grade power supply cable


Key Features:

  • Iridium Satellite network offering A4 Sea Area coverage
  • Rugged outdoor housing
  • Integrated GPS receiver
  • Positions logged to internal memory
  • Integrated backup battery
  • Low-power mode for extended life on backup battery


Inherent Safety and Security:

  • Mechanical, electrical and electromagnetic safety and security features
  • Unique serial number engraved on the housing
  • Tamper detection built-in
  • Antenna blockage detection
  • Security seals to prove unauthorized access
  • Main cable open loop and short circuit detection
  • External power failure tolerant due to back-up battery
  • System diagnostics reports


Complete SSAS Solution:

  • BlueTraker® ssas terminal ConBox ssas
  • Primary and secondary alert buttons
  • Mounting accessory (UniMount or RailMount)
  • Includes main cable and alert cables (various lengths)


Benefits to Ship Owners:

  • Web-based management platform
  • Data service subscription available
  • Web based fleet tracking application

Technical Specifications & Features

External Power Supply 24V DC, 1A / Arctic version
9V DC to 36V DC, 0.5A max
Protection:Power line disconnect above 36V
Withstands continuous connection to 180V DC source
Safety Internal self recovering poly fuse
Operating Temperature -40°C[1] to +85°C[2] (without back-up battery or with external back up battery)
-40°C to +60°C (with embedded back-up battery)
Arctic Option -50°C to +85°C [2] (without back-up battery or with external back up battery)
-50°C to +60°C (with embedded back-up battery)
[1] Must not be powered up at temp. lower than -25°C except for BlueTraker ssas Arctic version.
[2] According To MIL-STD-810G
[3] 24V DC Power Supply required
Storage Temp. range: -40°C a 85°C;
Waterproof and Dust Protection IP68 protection class (depth 6m, duration 30mins.)
Integrated Antennas GPS, Iridium: 3dBi RHCP
Iridium Transceiver Frequency range 1616MHz to 1626.5MHz; Maximum output power 33dBm (1,6 W)
GPS Receiver 32 channels, 1 sec. update rate, 1575.42MHz (L1 band)
Accuracy: Position 5m CEP, Velocity 0.1m/sec, Time 300ns
Sensitivity: – 161dBm tracking
Installation External, mast, vertical rail, horizontal rail, flat vertical surface
Mounting Accessories UniMount mouting bracket – included
Cable Up to 100m included
Free alert button cables up to 700m / tested
Housing Double-shell, white colour outer shell, resistant to UV sun radiation
Mechanical Dimensions: 198 x 67 x 198mm (width x height x length)
Weight: 1.19kg; 2kg with UniMount
Shock Resistance Multiple drop from 1.2m height to every side of the device
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