Iridium GO! - Device Setup Instructions

Iridium GO! instantly transforms your trusted device into a global communications powerhouse. For weekend warriors, individuals, enterprises or governments, for anyone who is on the move, out of range or off the grid – by land or at sea or in the air – Iridium GO! provides global voice and text messaging for smartphone users with data capabilities offered through optimized apps on up to (5) mobile devices.

To configure your Iridium GO! hardware device, see instructions below. Download the full User Manual for complete usage and instructions.

  Warning: Prior to using the Iridium GO!, read and understand the user manual including the safety warnings and information. Failure to do so could result in serious injury or death.

1. Iridium GO! Device Overview

  1. Device screen
  2. Navigation buttons
  3. Status LED
  4. Swivel antenna
  5. Power button
  6. USB power / data  connection
  7. SOS button
  1. External antenna connector  and reset button
  2. Lanyard connector
  3. Battery cover
  4. Accessory connector  (1/4" screw mount)
  5. Loudspeaker
  6. Pressure vent

2. Device Screen Overview

  1. Signal Strength
  2. Battery Indicator
    1. No Battery
    2. Charging
    3. Fully Charged
  3. Incoming/Outgoing Call
  4. GPS Available

3. Set Up Your Iridium GO! Device


Insert the SIM card

  1. Remove the battery cover with a flat blade screw-driver, or a small coin.
  2. Slide SIM card-holder toward the hinges, and lift to open.
  3. Insert SIM card into slot, close card-holder, and slide it away from the hinges to lock.

Install the battery

  1. Install the battery with the gold battery contacts facing down over the four connector contacts.
  2. Replace the battery cover, and ensure screws are firmly tightened to maintain  correct water resistant seal.

Charge your battery

  1. Open the USB cover and firmly plug in the USB cable.
  2. Connect the USB cable to the Travel Charger or Car Charger provided.
  3. Finish charging, remove USB cable, and close USB cover.

   Important: Keep the battery charged to ensure that the device is ready for use when needed. Refer to User Manual Chapter 2 for important safety information on the proper use and disposal of batteries.

4. Set Up Your Smartphone

Before using your Iridium GO! on the Iridium network, first download and install the required applications using  your standard wireless network.


Install the Iridium GO! app

  1. Search for the Iridium GO! app in the Apple StoreSM or Google Play™ from your  smartphone.
  2. Download and install the Iridium GO! app for voice calling, SMS, tracking, SOS,  and Twitter posting.

Install the Mail app & Web app

  1. Search for the Iridium Mail & Web app in the Apple StoreSM or Google Play™  from your device.
  2. Download and install the Iridium Mail & Web app to optimize use of email,  weather forecasting, social media updates and sending of photos via email.

Important: For additional optimized applications that are compatible with Iridium GO! and the  Iridium network, visit: Standard applications that require broadband network  access are not supported for use with Iridium GO!.


Turn on Iridium GO!

  1. Place the Iridium GO! device outside with a clear unobstructed view of the sky.
  2. Raise the antenna to the upright position.
  3. Iridium GO! will automatically complete the power up and registration sequence  after which the signal strength icon will appear.

Connect your smartphone with the Iridium GO! device

  1. Ensure your smartphone or device is within the approximately 30 m (100 ft)  Wi-Fi range.
  2. Ensure the Wi-Fi function is enabled on your smartphone or tablet.
  3. With the Iridium GO! device on, select the Iridium GO! Wi-Fi network  (e.g. “Iridium-6088CC”) and connect.
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