BYSKY Online Chat App


Bysky is a breakthrough App that now gives you unlimited internet chat capability when using an Iridium GO! satellite phone. Bysky has been certified by Iridium and uses it’s inexpensive DiGO data line. You can write unlimited chat messages on your phone then click “Sync” and Bysky will connect to your Iridium GO! device and send all your chat messages and receive any replies.


For Personal Use


When you are planning a vacation, business trip, hike or just fishing – stay in touch. Your friends and family can always send free messages to your satellite device wherever you are, and you can answer them.
For Business


Unite remote employees into groups, whatever satellite device they have, and promptly send them tasks and receive reports. You have a car fleet equipped with satellite trackers? – send information directly to the device in the driver’s cab, wherever the vehicle is located.
For Business Travel


Go on an expedition and keep in touch with your followers. Your audience will be able to ask about the journey at any time, and you can communicate with subscribers.
Send Free Text Messages


Bysky allows you to send free text messages directly from your smartphone to any satellite phone. Multiple satellite service providers currently supported.
Create Group Chats With Multiple Satellite Phones


You can now easily create a group chat and add various satellite devices to it, as well and other Bysky users. Any messages sent to the group will be automatically sent to all satellite phones in your group. When one satellite phone replies, this response will be resent to all other satellite phones in the group.


Ready for Your Android Device

  • Supports Android v4.1 or higher



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