Aerovie Electronic Flight Bag App

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Product Overview

The most advanced electronic flight bag (EFB) on the market. Visualize your weather with Aerovie vertical weather profile, radar forecasting, and more!

Electronic PIREP submission into national airspace system. Submit pilot reports at the touch of a button to Lockheed Martin Flight Service using cell data or Iridium GO!. PIREPs automatically queue for transmission when network connection is available for up to one hour.

Flight plan, brief, and file flight plans into Lockheed Martin Flight service.

Full electronic flight bag suite including offline sectional, IFR low/high, and approach charts.

Technical Specifications & Features


  • Geo-referenced approach charts
  • Automated icing, IMC, and CAPE detection based on route and time of departure alerts you to potential hazards instantly.
  • Airport facility directory
  • Brief & File VFR/IFR flight plans directly to Lockheed Martin.
  • Moving map
  • ADSB Support via Dual Electronics ADSB Receiver
  • TAWS map, terrain vertical profile planning tool.
  • Obstacle overlays with color-coded altitude awareness.
  • Flight simulator support (Prepar3D, X-Plane, MS Flight Simulator)
  • Aircraft performance management for high performance aircraft
  • Best economy calculation in altitude selector tool
  • Altitude selector tool terrain awareness
  • Top of climb and descent markers on route
  • Winds aloft calculations based on climb and descent profiles
  • Activation & Closing of VFR flight plans


Powerful Pre-flight Weather Features

  • Geo-referenced icing charts (CIP & FIP), prognostic and surface analysis charts, SPC outlooks, SPC mesoscale discussions, SkewT soundings, and more.
  • Base radar, composite radar, and future radar simulations out to 3 days.
  • Visible, color-coded infrared, enhanced infrared, and water vapor satellite imagery.
  • TAF Discussions, GFS and NAM MOS forecasts by airport.
  • Worldwide Icing Charts


TAWS Suite with Aural Alerts

  • EDR
  • Terrain
  • PDA
  • 500′ callout
  • Depressurization detection
  • Runway entrance aural alert
  • Obstacles


Apple Watch Support

  • Weather Radar
  • Timers
  • Flight Timer
  • Digital Checklists
  • Nearby Airport Information
  • Complication Widgets of nearby METAR, TAF Summary, and Time Travel Support into TAF & GFS Models.
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