Iridium Certus

A flexible, award-winning platform with solutions that scale to meet size, weight, and power requirements.

Designed to meet your needs.

With speed capabilities ranging from 22 Kbps to 704 Kbps*, Iridium Certus® offers the highest speed, weather-resilient L-band connectivity and only truly global mobile satellite service on the market. Iridium Certus is a flexible, evolving platform that provides a combination of devices and service speeds to match customer needs.


Iridium Certus 100

Optimized for Size, Cost, and Power
Smaller, Low-Gain Antenna Options


Iridium Certus 200 & 700

Optimized for Speed
Solid-State Antenna Options

*The Iridium network is capable of supporting speeds up to 1408 Kbps. Future development of an Iridium Certus 1400 service is dependent on market demand.

High-quality services anywhere in the world.

Iridium Certus services are provided through Iridium Connected® equipment to support broadband and midband voice and data capabilities for ships, vehicles, aircraft, and IoT devices.

One terminal can deliver a range of services from multiple high-quality voice lines to the highest throughput L-band data speeds available, allowing simultaneous operations for business efficiency:

Background IP Data
Streaming IP Data
High Quality Voice
Prepaid Voice & Data

Safety Services
Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS)**
Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Route Service (AMSRS)**
Secondary Data Flows

**Future Capability

Our industry-leading partners are delivering Iridium Certus.

The Iridium partner ecosystem enables leading global technology companies to leverage Iridium’s unique network to manufacture, develop, market, and support innovative applications for a variety of different markets and industries. Iridium continues to work with market leaders to bring the award-winning Iridium Certus platform to customers.

Develop and deliver Iridium Certus solutions.

Iridium Certus equipment is manufactured by select Iridium value-added manufacturing partners. Iridium Connected terminals use modules to provide global high-quality voice and IP data services at the various Iridium Certus service speeds.

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