Iridium Data Tools

The Iridium Handset USB Driver Installer provides Windows 7 and 10 drivers (both 32-bit and 64-bit) for use when connecting your Iridium handset to a computer via the USB port.  This is a standalone utility that allows you to load the drivers on your Windows computer independent of other activities.


Firm/Software Upgrade & Release NoteLast UpdatedSize
Jan 17, 20187.44 MB
Size: 7.44 MB
File Name: FWU_Iridium 9555_USB Modem Drivers
Vendor: Iridium
File Type: ZIP

Driver software for 9555 modems and accessories.

Products: Iridium 9555
Jan 17, 20181.06 MB
Size: 1.06 MB
File Name: FWU_Iridium_USB Driver
Vendor: Iridium
File Type: ZIP

USB driver installer v1.3 for Iridium Handset.

Products: Iridium 9555, Iridium Extreme®, Iridium Extreme® PTT
Legal Notice
Aug 22, 2018122.32 KB
Size: 122.32 KB
File Name: LGL_Iridium+Fair+Access+Policy_Block+1_v.22_082218.pdf
Vendor: Iridium
File Type: PDF

The Iridium Fair Access Policy applies to all Iridium Services
Dated: August 08, 2018

Services: Circuit Switched Data (CSD), Iridium Burst®, Iridium CloudConnect, Iridium Direct Internet, Iridium GMDSS, Iridium GoChat Crew Calling, Iridium Location-Based Services (LBS), Iridium LRIT, Iridium OpenPort®, Iridium Postpaid Calling, Iridium Prepaid Calling, Iridium Push-to-Talk, Iridium RUDICS, Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD), Iridium SMS, Iridium Web Services (IWS), Local Number Dialing Services, Netted Iridium®, Postpaid Calling
Verticals: Corporate