Iridium Case Studies

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Keeping An Arctic Expedition Connected

Finding network connectivity in earth’s polar regions can be difficult. With most communication providers unable to deliver full coverage to these remote areas, adventurers such as world-renowned mariner Jeff Allen are looking for ways to stay connected on explorations beyond cellular range.

Predicting Floods in Coastal South Africa

The terrain and tropical weather of South Africa’s eThekwini Municipality (including City of Durban) contribute to frequent, devastating flooding. The local government needs an early flood warning system to prevent loss of life and costly infrastructure damage.

Iridium® Enables Vietnamese Fishing Fleets to Stay Connected with Viettel Vessel Management Systems

Vietnamese fishing fleets chartering in remote oceanic locations must export real-time fishing catch reports and other vessel information to Fishery Monitoring Centers (FMCs) for marine life conservation efforts. Additionally, extreme off-grid navigation causes disruption in communication between the vessels and first responders, leaving fleets unable to activate SOS distress signals in emergency situations.

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