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Transatlantic Rowers Communicate, Educate with Iridium GO! exec

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At A Glance:

  1. The Challenge

    A pair of rowers needed a device for voice calls, chat messaging, and Wi-Fi while crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

  2. The Solution

    Iridium GO! exec® connected the rowers to friends, family, and social media followers.

  3. The Impact

    The duo shared photos, videos, and stories with their shore team and schoolchildren while successfully completing their expedition.

  1. 46Days At Sea
  2. 2,807Miles Rowed
  3. 24/7Coverage

The Challenge

In February 2023, Rosaline Chaston and Andy Hodgson embarked upon The Atlantic Escapade from the Canary Islands to Barbados. With about 2,800 miles of open seas ahead of them, they needed devices that would connect them in times of emergency and help to share their story with others.

The Solution

Global Telesat Communications (GTC) supplied Chaston and Hodgson with Iridium GO! exec, the first portable, touchscreen-enabled satellite access device for smart devices. Connected to a smartphone, Iridium GO! exec allowed them to send e-mails, photos, and social media content, and message others via WhatsApp. They also used the Iridium GO! exec’s built-in speakerphone to make voice calls.

“The water resistance and simple design made it robust enough to survive big days at sea,” the duo wrote.

They also praised its battery life, multi-device connectivity, and quick setup—as well as the Iridium GO! exec app, calling it “intuitive and easy to use—even when sleep deprived and hungry!”

The Impact

Iridium GO! exec was the ultimate smart companion for the duo’s expedition. Not only did it keep them in touch with their shore team and loved ones, the pair reached more than 17,000 social media accounts through their daily updates.

The device also helped Chaston and Hodgson to use their expedition to educate and fundraise. Students from three schools followed them online while learning about the effects of climate change. Meanwhile, hundreds of donations had raised £10,000 for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and Blue Marine Foundation as of May 2023.

“Iridium GO! exec balanced fantastic functionality and reliable sturdiness, proving the perfect device for ocean rowers wanting to send photos and videos out from the middle of the ocean,” Chaston said.



The water resistance and simple design made it robust enough to survive big days at sea.

–Rosaline Chaston & Andy Hodgson,
Atlantic Escapade Rowers

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