Iridium Case Studies

Iridium® Enables Vietnamese Fishing Fleets to Stay Connected with Viettel Vessel Management Systems

Vietnamese fishing fleets chartering in remote oceanic locations must export real-time fishing catch reports and other vessel information to Fishery Monitoring Centers (FMCs) for marine life conservation efforts. Additionally, extreme off-grid navigation causes disruption in communication between the vessels and first responders, leaving fleets unable to activate SOS distress signals in emergency situations.

Iridium Certus® Global Service Enables Skippers to Remain Connected During Races

Skippers and competitive sailors navigate through treacherous waters, weaving in and out of terrestrial coverage. The IMOCA series of races push skippers to their limits and demand an always-on means of connectivity for safety and navigation. To remain connected, skippers often require multiple communications terminals which, historically, had to be manually switch between cellular and satellite coverage.

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