Iridium GO! exec
A Smart Companion For Your Smart Devices

Stay In Touch Wherever You GO!

Iridium GO! exec® is the first portable, touchscreen-enabled satellite access device for your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Using the Iridium® satellite network, it allows reliable communication from anywhere on earth.

No roaming charges. No worries. Stay connected where and when you need to be.

How It Works

Iridium GO! exec combines the features and functionality of a battery-powered Wi-Fi access device with the reliability and truly global coverage of an Iridium satellite phone. Equipped with a speaker and mic, it allows conversations with the highest sound quality.

Pair your smart device to Iridium GO! exec to send e-mails, photos, social media posts, and use popular chat apps.

Easy To Use—When & Where You Need It

Iridium GO! exec lets you stay on the grid even when you’re off it.

Better Connectivity

Get the most out of your device with optimized apps and the new Connection Manager feature


Equipped with ethernet port, two USB-C ports, and four international adapters


Built to withstand the elements on land, sea, or in air

Better Connectivity

Connect to the Iridium® satellite network in a matter of seconds, then take advantage of up to 22 Kbps upload and 88 Kbps download speeds, and simultaneous access to two voice lines and a data session.

Optimize your experience with Connection Manager – a feature that helps reduce the risk of runaway data use and bill shock.


Make phone calls directly from Iridium GO! exec – or from as far away as 100 feet when paired with your smart device.
Use the Iridium GO! exec device's built-in ethernet port to connect a laptop – or a router to create an even stronger signal.
Work indoors with the added boost from the Iridium GO! exec’s external antenna (coming soon).
Two USB-C connectors and four international adapters let you charge Iridium GO! exec from anywhere – and turn it into a powerbank for your smart devices.


Iridium GO! exec is built to withstand the elements—whether it’s used on land, sea, or in air.

Sleek Yet Rugged

Iridium GO! exec is rated IP65 for protection against dust and water (with ports covered) and MIL-STD 810H for shock and vibration.


The reversable cover (included) reflects the sun’s heat and can be attached underneath to withstand use on rock or other abrasive surfaces.


In addition to apps optimized for Iridium GO! exec, the Iridium Certus® midband service provides functionality for lower-bandwidth features of many popular apps. Performance may vary depending upon terrain or other conditions.


Ideal for person-to-person & group messages; voice calls; location sharing


Ideal for text-only e-mails

Microsoft Outlook

Ideal for text-only e-mails


Ideal for text posts, direct messages, and feed scrolling


Ideal for sending / requesting funds and making credit card payments


Ideal for voice calls only


Ideal for person-to-person and group messages


Ideal for person-to-person and group messages; voice calls; location sharing


Ideal for person-to-person and group messages; voice calls; location sharing


Ideal for person-to-person and group messages; voice calls; location sharing


Ideal for person-to-person & group messages; voice calls; location sharing

Iridium GO! exec App

Sync you smartphone's contact list. Manage airtime through built-in Connection Manager. Preconfigured firewall settings for several popular apps.


Compresses Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, and other e-mail account messages for faster, more reliable transfers

OCENS OneMessage

Send and receive messages from your cellphone or tablet

PredictWind PredictChat

Send & receive WhatsApp with 95% less data usage. No additional SMS fees. Photos, audio, & files.

PredictWind Offshore

Tools, weather routing, and departure planning. Weather models: PWG, PWE, ECMWF, GFS, SPIRE, and UKMO

PredictWind PredictMail

Optimized for Iridium GO! exec & Iridium GO! Developed for satellite connections. Use with Apple Mail, Outlook & other Post Office Protocol Version 3 (POP3) compatible apps.

PredictWind Anchor Alert

Coming soon


Get familiar with your Iridium GO! exec by watching these how-to videos.

Set up your Iridium GO! exec

Learn more about Connection Manager

Find out how to make calls using your Iridium GO! exec

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