Answering the call of duty

No other company can help mobilize and monitor personnel, data and assets on-the-ground, beyond line-of-site and out of reach of terrestrial networks — anywhere on the planet.

You can count on Iridium-enabled solutions for robust tactical real-time voice and low-latency data command and control communications when it matters most. With unmatched security, reliability and reach, Iridium delivers mission-critical communications wherever duty takes you.

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To serve and protect

Iridium is proud to have served the U.S. Department of Defense for almost 20 years — and will continue to provide critical communications through its EMSS unlimited airtime service contract. Since its inception, the world’s furthest reaching network has been identified as a highly unique and powerful component of a secure, global, mission-critical government communications infrastructure.


Stay connected, achieve
objectives and save lives

Take advantage of a first-of-its-kind fixed-price contract between Iridium and the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) enabling Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services (EMSS) capabilities with unlimited usage for unlimited subscribers on Iridium devices. Benefit from global handheld voice, data, paging, Short Burst Data® (SBD®) and Netted Iridium® (DTCS) services.

To order equipment and activate services, contact EMSS Customer Account Manager or call 301-225-2800.


Unlimited voice and data at
your command

You can maximize use of new and existing Iridium-provisioned devices, and take advantage of:

  • Unlimited airtime
  • Secure voice encryption and prioritization
  • NSA Type 1 and AES 256 encryption
  • 100% global coverage
  • DTCS netted communications
  • A dedicated, secure DoD gateway
  • 24/7/365 EMSS Customer Care
  • Direct upgrade path to and backward compatibility with Iridium NEXT advanced capabilities


The Future is Secure

Iridium NEXT, anticipated to complete deployment in 2018, will deliver more bandwidth and higher data speeds, putting more powerful devices in your hands and secured solutions at your command. Iridium NEXT, the company’s second generation network, will support devices in the field today, ensuring continuity of service and reliability in the future.

partner ecosystem

Partner ecosystem

An engine for global innovation

Iridium is proud to support a strong partner ecosystem driven by value-added collaboration, powered by Iridium core technologies and focused on delivering global communications solutions that connect people and information in exciting new ways.


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