Iridium Pilot®

Delivering Exceptional Value, Performance and Durability at Sea

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Built to perform in tough conditions, Iridium Pilot® delivers reliable global broadband data and voice connectivity in one low-cost platform
— keeping ships and crews connected when they need it most.

Dependable Communications — Anywhere Sky Meets Sea

In blazing sun, frigid cold or high winds, Iridium Pilot® lets you to carry out your business unaffected by weather conditions. It is the optimal solution for:

  • Sending emails
  • Updating a loading report
  • Filing a navigation plan
  • Crew calling from one of three independent phone lines
  • Posting on Facebook and Twitter

Lightweight, Durable and Easy-to-install

The low profile omni-directional satellite antenna of Iridium Pilot® can be easily mounted at any convenient location on deck, and can withstand the effects of nearly any maritime environment.

Everything You Need, Without Paying for More

With flexible communications plans and no long-term commitment, Iridium Broadband Services give you the right amount of data for your business at prices that fit your budget.

Keep Your Communications Ship-shape

Iridium Pilot® is backed by the Iridium Global Service Program, an industry-leading five-year limited manufacturer’s warranty providing access to around-the-clock shipboard service at over 100 ports worldwide.


BrochureLast UpdatedSize
Iridium GSP – Service Location MapApr 18, 20182.18 MB
Iridium LRIT – Brochure (ENG)Apr 18, 2018721.32 KB
Iridium LRIT – Brochure (CHI)Apr 18, 20189.25 MB
Iridium Pilot – Brochure (ENG)Jul 06, 20188.58 MB
Iridium Pilot – Brochure (CHN)Apr 18, 20186.18 MB
Iridium Pilot – Brochure (RUS)Apr 18, 20181.17 MB
Iridium Pilot – Brochure (SPA)Apr 18, 20184.41 MB
Iridium Anti-Piracy Brochure (CHN)Apr 18, 20186.19 MB
Iridium Anti-Piracy Brochure (ENG)Apr 18, 2018628.51 KB
Case Study
Case Study: Around the Americas – Maintaining Communications at SeaAug 27, 2018425.01 KB
Case Study: Meeting Shipboard Communications NeedsApr 18, 2018430.37 KB
Case Study: Providing Vital Communications LinksApr 18, 2018430.23 KB
Case Study: Reducing Costs and Enhancing Fleet EfficiencyApr 18, 2018342.71 KB
Case Study: The Willis Resilience ExpeditionDec 10, 2018348.76 KB
Case Study: Iridium Pilot – Keeping the Poles Connected on the ACEAug 27, 20181.87 MB
Case Study: Iridium Pilot Aids Antarctic RescueAug 27, 2018724.54 KB
Certification - Regulatory
Iridium Parts List with ECCN HTS and OriginOct 12, 201873.58 KB
End of Life
Iridium – Subscriber Equipment – End of Life PolicyNov 27, 201861.3 KB
Firm/Software Upgrade & Release Note
Iridium Pilot – Firmware Upgrade Tool & Release Notes (AO12003)Dec 19, 20181.33 MB
Legal Notice
Internation Maritime Organization – Ships Required to Transmit LRIT GuidanceJul 06, 2018485.83 KB
Iridium – Product Sales Terms & ConditionsJun 29, 2018128.54 KB
Iridium – Satellite Subscriber – Service PolicyJun 29, 201848.95 KB
Iridium – System Practices – Service ProviderSep 11, 2018165.55 KB
Iridium – System Practices – Value-Added ResellerSep 11, 2018514.17 KB
Product Manuals
Iridium Pilot – User ManualJul 06, 201825.47 MB
Iridium Pilot – Quick Start Guide (CHN)Jul 06, 20185.41 MB
Iridium Pilot – Quick Start Guide (ENG)Jul 06, 20181.47 MB
Iridium Pilot – Quick Start Guide (RUS)Jul 06, 20185.31 MB
Iridium Pilot – Quick Start Guide (SPA)Jul 06, 2018815.28 KB
Iridium OpenPort – Installation ChecklistJul 06, 2018194.23 KB
Iridium Pilot – Installation GuideJul 06, 20184.6 MB