Silex Server

By : Photospace SARL | Model : SIRI

  • Standalone Server
  • Mobile & Embedded Software
  • Offline & Online Mapping
  • Integration of Silex & SIRI Tags
  • Compatibility with the Radio Case
  • Real-time Positioning
  • Secure Connection


The Photospace SILEX Server is a geolocation platform allowing to configure and manage a fleet of Silex and SIRI beacons. Online and offline mapping allows track all categories of Silex tags in real time or view its history. The operation can be adapted to each user by opening accounts in visualization until configuration.

The integration of offline mapping will allow the display of each position and this even if there is no internet connection. The online cartography will update, if necessary, on-board mapping. Server available as a whole or in software version for local installation. The server remotely tracks, in real time or later, the movement of mobiles and people. It is based on GPS location and SMS, GPRS, Sigfox and Iridium transmission. The complete operation of the beacons can be done from the Silex server, from their configuration, to the configuration of the alerts or redirections. Users access the data and functionalities adapted to their activity, according to the personalized profile that has been assigned to them.

The platform records all events related to beacons (history, commands, messages) as well as users (logs of connections and actions).


  • Real-time or Ex-post Target Tracking
  • Equipment Configuration
  • Fleet Management
  • User Administration
  • Alerts Creation
  • Optimized Mobile Version

User & Group Administration:

  • Simplified Implementation & Modification of Groups & Subgroups
  • Creating Users with Personalized Access to Data & Functionalities
  • Saving Logs of Connections & Actions

Exploitation of the Beacons:

  • Creating, Editing & Assigning Beacons
  • Send Commands (Predefined, Simple or Saved) Manually or Automatically (On Zone)
  • Replay of the History & PDF or CSV Export
  • Share Position & Beacon History
  • Redirection of Positions by Email or SMS

Creation of Objects & Events:

  • Creating & Viewing POIs & Zones
  • Set Up Email or SMS Alerts Related to Zones or Beacons (Startup, Low Battery, Inactivity)


  • Distance Measurement (ruler)
  • Display of User Position
  • Navigation Mode

Use Cases

  • Low-enforcement
  • Military
  • Customs
  • Blue Force Tracking
  • Red Force Tracking

Technical Specifications



Location GPS, CellID, Iridium, Sigfox
Transmission GPRS, SMS, Iridium, Sigfox
Cartography 3D, Satellite, Night


Operating System Debian
Delivery Physical or Virtual Format (VMWare or Hyper-v)
Possibility of Hosting Yes
Available in Lightened Version (50 Beacons Max) on Intel NUC Yes


Software Silex Mobile, Silex Track, Silex Manager
Hardware Silex Beacons, Radio Case, SHOUT nano, Iridium Extreme


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