Rugged, reliable and cost-effective asset tracking and fleet management

Deliver more value to customers by leveraging your existing terrestrial-based IoT or M2M solutions for fleet management, telematics, safety and other remote monitoring applications. Iridium Edge™ is a cost-effective satellite IoT communications device that can be rapidly deployed and complements terrestrial-based solutions to create worldwide connectivity. Iridium provides global IoT/M2M coverage for the most remote and inaccessible areas of the world.

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Test Drive Iridium IoT with an Iridium EdgeTM Demo Kit

If you haven’t used satellite IoT communications for fleet management or asset tracking, now is the time to see how Iridium EdgeTM can accelerate business success and product time to market! A test drive with the Iridium Edge Demo Kit, will allow you to experience the simplicity and robust capabilities of the device, including how your IoT/M2M solution can benefit from the low-latency Iridium network. When purchasing a demo kit you’ll receive an all-in-one product package with an array of adapters designed to complement existing cellular solutions.

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Rapidly Deployed IoT Solution

Fast time-to-market is a critical need in today’s evolving asset tracking and fleet management environment. Iridium Edge features an all-in-one Short Burst Data® (SBD®) modem and antenna, with power supply. The plug-and-play satellite IoT device can be easily paired with existing satellite and cellular solutions, without complicated integration or development requirements.

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Key Features

  • Expand connectivity beyond cellular limits for 100 percent global IoT/M2M coverage
  • Satellite add-on enabling dual-mode capability
  • Hardware-ready device for simple, low-risk integration
  • Low-cost device for affordable customer adoption
  • Ready-to-install for quick time-to-market
  • Robust power supply for industrial installations
  • 180° line of sight for compromised locations
  • Certified in key geographic markets

Benefits of the Iridium LEO Satellite Network for IoT/M2M

Iridium EdgeTM inherits the many benefits of the Iridium network.

  • 100 percent truly global coverage from pole-to-pole
  • Provides a stronger, more robust satellite signal compared to GEO constellations
  • Shorter transmission path of LEO network results in lower latency and shorter registration time
  • Greater flexibility in installation
  • Improved line of sight over GEO systems in compromised locations or behind large obstructions
  • Overlapping satellite coverage and crosslinks provide redundancy and increased reliability

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