Iridium Edge® Pro

Programmable Intelligence for Remote Asset Management

Iridium Edge Pro offers a simplified way to innovate, customize and deploy smarter solutions for remote asset management.

Iridium-Edge-Pro Product Photo
Iridium-Edge-Pro inside the device
The Iridium® satellite constellation is the only network with truly global coverage.

With Iridium Edge Pro, create customizable end-to-end monitoring solutions for vessels, vehicles and remote equipment using Iridium’s best in class two-way network and truly global coverage. The ruggedized packaging makes it an ideal solution for:

  • Vessel Monitoring Systems & Fisheries
  • Electric Generator or Genset Management
  • Long-Haul Vehicle Telematics and Fleet Management
  • Refrigerated Container Monitoring
  • Oil and Gas Machinery and Cathodic Protection
  • Heavy Equipment and Construction Machinery

Create new applications quickly, test them virtually and deploy them confidently with:

MicroEJ® Java-based software development tools

Iridium 2-way communications with remote configuration capability

Bluetooth Capability for Wireless Sensor Integration, plus CANbus and Modbus interfaces

Iridium Edge® Pro

Through powerful Java programming, the Iridium Edge Pro collects and processes data based on operational requirements, including exception-only reporting that can minimize operational costs from anywhere on the planet.

The combination of CANbus and traditional Modbus powers newfound flexibility from a satellite IoT device. Iridium partners can also take advantage of Iridium Edge Pro’s BLE connectivity, by creating more sophisticated solutions that incorporate wireless sensors that collect vital information and delivers it in real-time.

Product Features

  • A Programmable, Integrated Remote Device with Interfaces for Sensor and Equipment Integration
  • Quick Partner (VAR) Development Using MicroEJ® Java Development Tools
  • Built-in Services including: Geofencing, Event Logging, Position Reporting, Modbus, J1939 and BLE
  • Easily Paired with Cellular Solutions Using Programmable Interfaces
  • Standalone Finished Product for GPS Tracking
  • Programming Over the Air
  • Industry Standard Eclipse Based Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Virtual Device Emulator Including Simulators for GPS/SBD and I/Os

Technical Specifications

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions 127 mm X 90 mm x 41 mm (L x W x H)
Weight 200 g
Mating Connector 18 Pin Female (Right Angle and Straight Through Options)
Connector Cover Included for Additional Protection (Optional)

Power Supply

Input Voltage 32V
Load Dump SAE J1455 Section


  • BLE, CANbus, Modbus & USB
  • (2) x Analog Input or Digital Input
  • (2) x Digital Input or Output
  • RS-485 & RS-232

Internal Sensors

  • Accelerometer
  • Temperature Sensor
  • GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/Beidou
  • Voltage Input

Environmental Specifications

Storage Temperature -40 C to 85 C
Operating Temperature -40 C to 70 C
Operational Vibration SAE J1455 Section 4.10
Shock 1 m Drop Test as per SAE J1455
Salt Spray AE J1455 Section
Low Pressure Storage 30,000 Feet
Humidity SAE J1455 Section 4.2.3
Ingress Protection IP67
Splash Testing SAE J1455 Section
Steam and Pressure Washing SAE J1455 Section 4.5.3

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