iridium certus 700 for maritime is the fastest l-band service available

Experience Iridium Certus® 700

Learn how your fleet can receive an upfront credit for free Iridium Certus terminals, airtime, installation and more when upgrading from competing services.*

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Truly global, weather resilient maritime communications have never been faster

Iridium Certus 700 is delivering high-speed L-band satellite communications, reliable internet access, and two-way messaging through equipment that is smaller, lighter, and easier-to-install than the competition.

Reliable satcom solutions for primary ship communications or VSAT companion service

Hear from customers about why Iridium Certus is the new standard for reliable, L-band connectivity at sea:

High-Speed L-band Satcom

Regardless of a vessel’s location at sea, Iridium Certus® 700 delivers high-speed L-band satcom, enhancing ship business applications, IoT services and connected ship communications.

Reliable Internet Access

Crew members on board vessels equipped with Iridium Certus® terminals can also enjoy reliable web surfing and use of smartphone applications such as WhatsApp or WeChat, even in poor weather.


The small form-factor, lightweight equipment has no moving parts, ensuring easy installation, low-maintenance and reliability. With a streamlined upgrade path from existing service, Iridium Certus offers affordability of service and equipment.

Reliability Above All®

Iridium’s truly global, weather-resilient L-Band connectivity can penetrate clouds, fog, and rain, keeping ships connected even in the roughest seas.

Upgrade & Save

To learn more about upgrading from competitor services — and how you could qualify for a credit towards free terminals, airtime, installation or accessories — fill out the form below, and an Iridium expert will help you set course for a safer, smarter and truly global future at sea.

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