Citadel Satellite Solutions

Stay Secure & Connected During A Piracy Incident

A ship’s citadel is a purpose-built area where crew seek protection during a boarding by pirates. Without guaranteed citadel communications there can be no consideration of military or law enforcement intervention.

The ship’s Captain must be able to communicate to the outside world that the vessel’s crew and personnel are safe. A two-way satellite communications system is recommended, powered from an independent source on board, with the ability to provide communications for a minimum of three days on an open line.

Iridium’s partners have numerous satellite terminals ideal for citadel deployments. As pirates are known to target and destroy satellite antennas, it is recommended to install them in an inaccessible or hidden location. The coax length between the below decks terminal and the antenna must be considered–especially on larger vessels.

Lars Thrane LT-3100

  • Rugged terminal with integrated handset
  • Enables low speed data communications and voice
  • Permits coax cable lengths between the terminal and antenna up to 500m (24V supply) and 150m (12V supply)

Beam Communications

Beam produce a range of docking stations for Iridium 9555 and Iridium Extreme® satellite phones, plus fixed Iridium terminal solutions. Visit the Beam company page to view products.

ASE Citadel Anti-Piracy System

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