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Iridium Edge® Helps Companies Securely Track Cargo for International Land Shipments

Market: Transportation & Delivery

Sub-Market: Trucking

Partners: Tesacom

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At A Glance:

  1. The Challenge

    Companies needed a secure lock system connected to a powerful communications network to ensure unopened cargo for safety purposes.

  2. The Solution

    The size and strength of Iridium Edge made it the perfect tool to discreetly offer constant connectivity to PLK devices.

  3. The Impact

    Along with PLK and Tesacom, Iridium has made ground shipping and fleet management smarter, more secure, and more connected than ever before.

  1. 10,000monthly routes remotely tracked

The Challenge

P-Lock (PLK) provides electronic security solutions to transportation companies so that they can monitor cargo moving in and out of Argentina. Many of PLK’s customers transport goods along international routes, such as from Uruguay to Chile. The Argentinian government needs to know that these cargo loads came in and out of the country safely without being opened: “Customs needs to be sure that no goods are left in Argentinian territory,” said Tesacom Projects Director Santiago Nicolet. PLK manufactures powerful electronic locks that track merchandise and send an immediate alert if someone attempts to force the cargo bay open. However, to guarantee secure merchandise, and to prove that the cargo bay has been left undisturbed for the entire journey, this lock system must be connected to a powerful communications network with a consistent signal everywhere; a single dead zone along the route could be a liability.

The Solution

Tesacom, an Iridium partner based in Argentina, is Latin America’s leading provider of remote location integrated communications solutions. Tesacom’s mission is “communication without limits”, and PLK’s mission is “technology without borders,” so the two companies naturally worked well together to develop a solution that would guarantee the security of cargo in transit. Tesacom singled out Iridium Edge as the perfect tool to discreetly offer constant connectivity to PLK devices. Because of its compact size and robust signal strength, Iridium Edge is completely hidden within the metal shell of PLK’s equipment, with no visible antenna.

Thanks to the strength of the Iridium® satellite constellation in Low-Earth Orbit, Iridium Edge works well in any weather. Many competitive satellite technologies only functions when pointed at the equator, but Iridium always has at least one satellite overhead, ensuring that PLK locks have a secure connection, no matter which direction the truck is driving. PLK’s customers can rely on Iridium Edge to provide up-to-date, real-time information about a truck’s location, even during a storm, and lets the user know if the driver takes a detour.

The Impact

PLK’s monitor center can now ensure stable fleet monitoring for the more than 10,000 monthly routes it tracks. This technology is seen as so secure that the Argentinian government’s national customs department has approved PLK’s Customs Monitoring Electronic Seal as a reliable method for tracking cargo across international borders. “If somebody who is not allowed tries to open the cargo door or to remove this lock, Iridium Edge will enable the lock system to send an alert and an immediate report to the monitor center,” Nicolet confirmed. Together with partners PLK and Tesacom, Iridium has helped to make ground shipping and fleet management smarter, more secure, and more connected than ever before.

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