Viettel - S-Tracking Vessel Tracking System

The Viettel S-Tracking Vessel Monitoring System is a hybrid GPRS/Iridium Satellite system that allows users to track and monitor activities of vessels from a website. It consists of an outdoor beacon, an indoor alert interface, and a mobile & web app platform. It provides real-time alerts that provide automated reporting and improve search and rescue activities.

Fishery Monitoring Centres need to be ready to introduce Electronic Reporting Systems to ensure the traceability of their fleet’s catches. The system supports the ability to export reports on the vessel’s journey and logbook to eradicate Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported fishing (IUU).


  • Automated data reporting at custom intervals
  • Automated text alerts to onshore management and relatives
  • Two-way text messaging
  • Emergency alerts: storms, search and rescue, geographic boundaries
  • SOS Button
  • Global coverage powered by Iridium Satellite network and GPRS hybrid
  • Solar powered
  • Backup PIN capable of operating independently for 20 days
  • Updates through Firmware Over the Air (FOTA)


Technical Specifications

  • Default 90 min reporting interval, 15 min emergency interval
  • Max operating depth: 1.5
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