Triton Advanced Terminal

The Triton Iridium beacon has been specifically designed for fishing vessel monitoring. It automatically transmits the position, speed, and course of the vessel over the Iridium satellite system. The Triton is robust, highly reliable and easy-to-install. Triton Advanced can also transmit/receive catch reports, emails, weather data, etc. on demand.

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The Triton Advanced comes with a kit of parts:

Kit for CLS Triton Advanced, including two cables, hardware, the terminal, and antenna.

Technical Specifications & Features

    • 100% global coverage (Iridium)
    • Real-time position reports (with speed and course)
    • Zone management (geo-fencing)
    • Airtime cost control by zone at port
    • Connects to an Android tablet via Bluetooth or a laptop via USB port to send/receive emails, electronic catch reports, weather bulletins
    • Satellite communication via IRIDIUM
  • ALARM:
    • Alarms triggered by geographic event (entry/exit of zone, vessel at port or stationary) or by modifying a technical parameter (loss of Iridium or GPS signal, power supply failure, battery back-up, ON/OFF)
    • Assistance messages
    • Terminal parameter readings (reporting frequency, power source, etc.)
    • Modification of terminal settings (reporting frequency, etc. )
    • Positions on demand (polling)
    • Archived position readings (tracking replay mode)
    • Sensor monitoring
    • Zone parameter settings
  • Dimensions (L x W x H)
    • Dome: 201 mm diameter, 125 mm height
    • Junction box: 180 mm x 129 mm x 59 mm
  • DOME: 1.65 kg (3.2Ah battery) or 2.04 kg (7.0Ah battery)
  • Junction box: 0.36 kg, USB and Bluetooth connection, Isolated I/O, CANBUS (NMEA2000) ready
  • Tamperproof
    • Tampering detector if transceiver is dismounted or disconnected
    • Anti-disassembly system
    • Tampering detector when the dome is opened


  • Certified by authorities
  • Global satellite tracking (Iridium)
  • Reliable
  • Operating status indicator
  • Alarm and system test button
  • Battery Life: minimum 100h
  • Up to 180 days data memory
  • 2-year warranty
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