metOcean telematics - iSPHERE Buoy

The metOcean telematics iSPHERE is an expandable, low-cost, bi-directional spherical drifting buoy. The drifter was developed to meet the demanding needs of the offshore oil industry, ocean freight industry and the oceanographic scientific community. The iSPHERE drifter also provides the user with essential real–time sea surface temperature data and GPS positional data. The robust design of the iSPHERE allows the buoy to be deployed effortlessly from a vessel or an oil platform. The standard operating life of the buoy is approximately 180-365* days

How it Works

At regular intervals the data is sent to the Iridium satellite network using the Short Burst Data service, where it is then sent to end users who input real-time in-situ data into marine oil spill response and planning models.

Technical Specifications & Features

  • Low-cost Telemetry Solution
  • Robust Design
  • Bi-directional Communication

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