MailASail - Teleport-Proxy


MailASail’s Teleport-Proxy is a cutting edge web accelerator for fast, cost effective web browsing. The Teleport-Proxy incorporates advanced techniques to speed-up web browsing by re-compressing images, optimizing HTML web pages and blocking adverts, typically achieving up to five times faster web speeds over low bandwidth connections.

The result is dramatically reduced airtime bills and a huge improvement in perceived satisfaction. The Teleport-Proxy narrows the perceived difference between satellite and terrestrial broadband services and allows cost effective web browsing over Iridium satellite services.

Technical Specifications & Features

The Teleport-Proxy takes web pages designed for a broadband audience, rips them apart and rebuilds them in a form suitable for narrowband satellite links:

  • Graphic images are re-formatted into a smaller size suitable for the device
  • Images may be adjusted or re-compressed to use a more optimal image format
  • HTML data is re-compressed to achieve the smallest size possible
  • CSS and JavaScript is minimized in size
  • Images, CSS and JavaScript may be rewritten to cause the browser to “cache”, dramatically reducing the amount of data downloaded
  • Advanced optimizations combine parts of the page together to reduce overheads and reduce the number of page requests needed. This can be a significant performance improvement on high latency satellite links
  • Adverts are blocked, often substantially increasing page display speed
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