Iridium Pilot® Land Station

The Global Solution for Terrestrial
Broadband Communications

Where to Buy

Dependable Communications
— Anywhere on Earth

Engineered for durability in harsh environments, Iridium Pilot® Land Station
gives you exceptional performance, durability and value on the ground, anywhere — even where there are no other options.

Simple. Flexible. Terrestrial Voice and Data

Iridium Pilot® Land Station is the optimal solution for a variety of fixed and mobile terrestrial communications applications, including:

  • Sending emails
  • Calling from one of 3 independent phone lines
  • Posting on Facebook and Twitter

Mounts on Buildings for Quick Deployment

Iridium Pilot® Land Station's rugged and low profile omni-directional satellite antenna can be easily mounted at your base-camp or on platforms for deployment in remote locations.

Everything You Need, Without Paying for More

Powered by the Iridium OpenPort® Broadband Service, Iridium Pilot® Land Station gives you the ability to buy the right amount of data for your business at a fair price through a variety of configurable voice and data plans to meet your specific needs.