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Somewear is a satellite communications solution designed for our increasingly digital world. With a lightweight satellite hotspot and beautifully designed software, Somewear gives people access to digital tools anywhere in the world. We work to keep people safe and effective even in the most remote corners of the world. Whether you’re heading out on a trek or deploying overseas, we’re here to support you anywhere on earth.



Somewear Labs, Inc.

350 Brannan St. Suite 350

San Franscisco, CA, 94107

United States

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Case Study
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Case Study: Iridium Enables Rescue Squadron to Work Faster and Stay Connected
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CS_Iridium Enables Research Squadron to Work Faster and stay Connected_Somewear_061121.pdf
Somewear Labs, Inc.
The Somewear Global Hotspot and Iridium Short Burst Data combine to Enable Rescue Squadron to Work Faster and Stay Connected
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June 11, 2021
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