Polaris Electronics A/S

Polaris Electronics A/S was established in 2000 as a sales and service company with focus on maritime customers. The company has 26 employees with different backgrounds within the technical and commercial areas. We have a global presence with offices in Los Angeles, Hamburg and other cities. During the latest years a lot has been invested in development of own products, and among other products we have developed our own NAVTEX, active antennas and tracking systems, which are being sold worldwide.

Our customers are shipping companies and distributors all over the world. The biggest part of the sale is export, for instance vessels in international waters; but we also deliver satellite services to states – cases in which we have won orders in international tenders.



Polaris Electronics A/S

Kaerholt 1

Aalborg, SO, DK-9210


OFFICE: +45 9631 7900

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