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10/07/19: New Long Term VAD valid until cancelled

04/29/22: CPN Satellite Services have received updated exhibits to their VAM agreement. Previously, CPN was granted access to the Iridium Edge Pro for a six month limited period of time. CPN needs access to the technical data as they are a support organization for the Iridium communications. Therefore, the six month time limitation was removed and Section 1 of the Exhibit now reads:

Purpose: The purpose of this Exhibit is to facilitate VAD in its development of accessory equipment that will function and support Iridium Certified Equipment developed, manufactured, sold, and/or provided by Iridium or by an Iridium Value Added Manufacturer or Value Added Reseller. The accessory equipment developed by VAD is not expected to or anticipated to contain an integral Iridium Subscriber Unit (defined below) nor send or receive any voice or data transmissions via the Iridium Communications Network.



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