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Iridium® Enables Backcountry Skier to Stay Safe and Connected

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At A Glance:

  1. The Challenge

    Extreme adventuring around the globe requires easy-to-use, reliable communications anywhere in the world to allow for communications with friends and family, assist in navigation, and ensure personal safety.

  2. The Solution

    Utilizing the Iridium Connected® Bivy Stick, extreme backcountry skier Cody Townsend felt safe and connected to his family, followers, and sponsors while summiting and skiing in remote locations well beyond cellular coverage.

  3. The Impact

    With a robust communications solution in Cody’s hands throughout his adventures, the skier was able to share his location and information about his trek. He also was able to focus on the adventure, knowing he had a reliable means of communication if an emergency arose.

  1. 50mountains to summit and ski
  2. 174,000+global followers

The Challenge

In 2018, backcountry skier Cody Townsend set out to do something never done before: summit and ski all fifty lines and mountains chronicled in The Fifty Classic Ski Descents of North America. A plan was made, and gear was packed, but a key issue remained: communications. Climbing high altitudes would mean Cody and his videographer could quickly lose cellular coverage, and with family, friends, and supporters watching, and the high-risk hikes, Cody couldn’t be disconnected or unable to call for help in an emergency.

The Solution

With Iridium Value-Added Manufacturer Bivy’s reputation and commitment to safety for the adventurer, Cody knew that the Bivy Stick was the solution would allow him to easily turn his smartphone into a satellite device. Utilizing the global reach of the Iridium® network, Cody was able to easily use his familiar equipment at even the highest altitudes, enabling him to remain connected throughout his record-breaking adventure. The lightweight, portable, Iridium Connected satellite communications device was in his kit from day 1 and provided all Cody’s communications needs for a globe-trotting adventure in one handheld device.

Leveraging the Bivy Stick to connect his smartphone to Iridium network when LTE coverage was unreachable or unreliable, Cody was able to push the limits and reach his goals, knowing help was never far away if he needed it. Providing two-way communications, the Bivy Stick allowed Cody to check in and share his location with his followers at the push of a button. The device also allowed him to message friends and family, and loved ones were able to message back directly through a dedicated specific phone number, a feature unique to Bivy, that allowed messages to be sent and received by the device even when it was turned off, ensuring the Cody was up to date on what was happening at back home.

The Impact

As of early 2021, Cody Townsend has summited 30 of the 50 mountains, and utilizing the lightweight Bivy Stick, he has kept his followers and friends closely involved in the adventures via text, photo, and video messages. He was also able to summit and ski these treacherous ranges with confidence knowing that if an emergency arose either out on the slopes or back home, he would be able to connect with someone.

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