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From Military To Iridium: Veterans Share Insights

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Iridium® is proud to keep service members connected everywhere in the world, and we’re especially proud to have Veterans from all walks of life join the company after serving. Veterans at Iridium bring unique perspectives and play a critical role in supporting the world’s only truly global satellite network. This Veterans Day, a few employees share how their military experiences shaped them and set them up for success at Iridium.

Thank you to our Veterans at Iridium and all Veterans for your service! To learn more about pursuing a career at Iridium after service, visit our Careers page.


Ryan Meyer, Senior Engineer/Backup Mission Director

Many times in my military and civilian careers I have been in austere and remote locations where the only immediate connection to the rest of the world was via an Iridium satellite phone. Having that medium available to me in those times gave a level of peace and security that one can’t fully appreciate until they’ve experienced it. That knowledge makes me appreciate what I do here – knowing that my contributions help to provide people who are in the boots I once wore that same level of peace.”


David Slade, Director of Space Vehicle Software

I learned many of my leadership skills from serving as a noncommissioned officer in the military. At Iridium, I get that same opportunity to serve others by providing communication services to the military and people and communities in need.”


Jay Chapman, Government Solutions Director

The Army instills teamwork, camaraderie, and mission accomplishment, which are equally important in the private sector. Working on Iridium’s U.S. government team allows me to continue to serve and support our nation. And finding Iridium and Iridium Connected® solutions to DoD/Government requirements provides a similar sense of pride and accomplishment.”


Tom Lopez, Call Intercept Officer/Fraud & Security Manager

I credit my military training – formal and informal, technical and personal – with the degree of success I have enjoyed at Iridium. I have also taken advantage of the myriad scenarios and personnel differences that have come to serve me well in the diverse and changing environment at Iridium.”


Ken Hughes, Senior Manager, Engineering

Being in the military gave me a firm foundation on both terrestrial and satellite communications networks, which I continue to use daily. In addition, it taught me how to handle stressful and ambiguous situations, rapidly learn new skills and technologies, and how to interact with senior executives.”


Chris Miserendino, Government Programs Director

The USAF taught me how to manage multiple programs under high-stress conditions with little oversight. This, combined with the technical skills learned under Space Command and my continuing education through graduate level, created a strong foundation for becoming an engineer, technical lead, project manager, and now a business lead for the government team. My dedication to the warfighter, technology, and country were instilled at an early age. Decades later, it is still my passion and makes me proud of what we do at Iridium.”


Rose Crandall, IT Services Specialist

During my military career, I worked in similar positions where I supported high-level officials, which has made it easy for me to provide support under pressure and take control of any situation calmly and without hesitation.”


Kirby Watson, Director, Government Solutions

The Army is a people organization. I learned early on that an organization’s most valuable asset is its people. With good people and cohesive teams, you can accomplish anything.”

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