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How To Turn Your Cell Phone Into A Satellite Phone

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Mobile device innovation has made it easier for us to stay constantly connected. We expect our phone to always work, but that’s often not the case. Cellular networks cover about 15 percent of the planet, so when traveling to off-the-grid places, that “mobile network not available” message can be frustrating. It’d be nice if your cell phone or tablet worked everywhere you went, but for those times they don’t, there’s Iridium GO!®.

Whether you’re on a family hike, taking a sailboat out for the day, or RVing across the country, Iridium GO! has everything you need to keep your cellular device connected when there’s no cell service. Powered by the Iridium® network, Iridium GO! connects to your iOS or Android cell phone, expanding your coverage area to…the entire planet. Iridium GO! is a small, lightweight, and rugged satellite communicator that overcomes the limits of cellular networks, letting you expand your adventures.

Using Iridium GO! is simple and convenient: users download the Iridium GO! App to their cell phone or tablet (before they’re outside of cellular coverage), and from there, the transformation begins. The application connects a user’s mobile device via Wi-Fi to the Iridium GO!, which has a small antenna that provides satellite connectivity, giving users the ability to make phone calls, send and receive texts, get weather updates, share and send photos and more, directly from their mobile phones or tablets.

Additional key features include email access via custom email apps, GPS tracking and emergency alerts (SOS). It also works with a line of accessories (available separately), including an external antenna, a wall mount bracket, and an outdoor power cable for a more fixed-installation type use case.

Iridium GO! users can access a variety of Iridium certified third-party applications to support specific adventure needs. There are complementary Apps for your time at sea, going on a hike, piloting an aircraft, or staying safe as a lone worker. These all expand the Iridium GO! device’s capabilities and help ensure that users can have access to the connectivity they need directly from their cell phone anywhere on the planet, including where other networks fail to reach, such as the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

Safety should always be a top priority. This is why whenever you are venturing off the grid it is important to plan ahead. So, the next time you’re gearing up for an outdoor adventure, keep it simple and put the Iridium GO! on your packing list. Turn your cell phone into a satellite phone whenever you need it from wherever you are.

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