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Why Partners?

Iridium prepares to host many of its 400 partners for the 2018 Iridium Partner Conference in Nashville, TN.
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Today Iridium team members from all around the world are headed to Nashville, Tennessee, where we are hosting this year’s Iridium Partner Conference (IPC). Our 12th IPC comes at an exciting time for us and our over 400 value-added partners, as we near the completion of the Iridium® NEXT mission and move closer towards the introduction of Iridium CertusSM.

Together this year, we’ve surpassed 1 million active subscribers on the Iridium network and successfully launched 25 more Iridium NEXT satellites (with only one more launch of 10 satellites to complete our new constellation) – and we’ve still got so much more ahead of us! Our partners provide specialized knowledge in their industries to manufacture, develop, market, and support connectivity solutions on the Iridium network, enabling people and ‘things’ around the world to communicate. Their innovative solutions range from providing safety services to tracking aircraft data, monitoring ocean levels, observing wildlife behaviors, linking first responders and aid workers, connecting soldiers to their families, and enabling remote or autonomous workforces…to name just a few!

As we near the end of the Iridium NEXT launch program and look to the future, the new Iridium network will supercharge our partners’ solutions around the world, providing faster speeds and greater capabilities. We’re already supporting new data-driven applications, IoT innovations, and other unique services that wouldn’t be capable on traditional networks. The possibilities are endless, and together with our growing partner ecosystem, we will continue to connect the world and change the future.

We’re excited to spend the next few days with our partners, fostering relationships across industries, learning from one another, and looking to the future – and if we’re lucky, maybe we’ll spot a famous country singer or two!

To learn more about our Partner Ecosystem, click here or check out the Launch 7 video showcasing the work of our partners below.


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