When other networks stop, Iridium® keeps you going.

Iridium Voice & Data

Choose from hundreds of products to meet your needs and budget.

Iridium Certus® Broadband

Extend your reach beyond the limits of terrestrial and cellular networks.

Iridium Push-To-Talk

Iridium PTT enables rapid team coordination and control.

Iridium Land Mobile Solutions

Deploy, monitor, and explore the world with Iridium’s unmatched global network.

Through an ecosystem of over 450 industry-leading partners, Iridium offers a wide selection of voice, data, push-to-talk, and broadband connectivity solutions for land mobile applications.




Global Governments
& Militaries


Public Safety

Outdoor Recreation




Global Governments
& Militaries


Public Safety


Outdoor Recreation

Reliable voice and data connectivity Anywhere

Choose from hundreds of products that enable your connectivity needs.

Iridium’s network of 66 cross-linked satellites in Low Earth Orbit is the only satellite network with true pole-to-pole coverage, enabling voice and data connectivity anywhere in the world. Choose from hundreds of Iridium and Iridium Connected® products for reliable calling, internet access, email services, SMS, SOS, and location-based services to meet your connectivity needs and budget.

Take advantage of the fastest L-band speeds

Solutions Built on the Fastest L-band Speeds Available.

Iridium Certus® extends your reach beyond the limits of terrestrial and cellular networks with truly global, mobile communications. Our solutions provide reliable, high-quality voice, data, and internet, as well as Land Mobile Radio interoperability and location-based applications. Iridium Certus® supports your critical connectivity needs regardless of locations, terrain, and weather. Control costs by eliminating the need to deploy expensive ground-based infrastructure or directional terminals that rely on geostationary satellites.

"Our partnership with Iridium has empowered our customers to achieve their goals worldwide. They trust us to deliver, and we’re proud that our first generation of ThalesLINK solutions is doing so. We’re keeping customers connected anytime, anywhere. From skippers sailing through the worst weather conditions, to emergency responders facing natural disasters, or scientists collecting data in the poles, they all rely us. We strongly believe we’ve created the most reliable Iridium Certus® products and the thousands of missions we’ve enabled is a reflection of how well we work together.”

Brian Aziz, Vice President, Thales Satcom Solutions

The only truly global Push-To-Talk system

The world’s only global PTT service driving rapid team coordination and control.

Iridium Push to Talk (PTT) enables fast and simple group communications with the push of a button. This unique, mission-critical system is built for speed and security, with land-mobile radio performance and no-compromise AES-256 encryption. Iridium PTT enables rapid coordination and control of your team like never before.

Case Studies

World Traveler Avoids Storms with Iridium and OCENS

The Iridium GO!® provided reliable voice and data services to adventurer Nick Authier as he completed a singlehanded sail, cruising from Florida to California. Authier paired his Iridium GO! with his smartphone to use the OCENS weather app GRIB Explorer Plus for planning and safety throughout his journey.

Iridium® PTT Helps Protect Communities & Wildlife in Kenya

The Iridium Push-to-Talk service has created a secure, wide-reaching network, with instant communication for local rangers in the National Reserve in Kenya. The network provides quick and timely communication, helping to simplify complicated and often dangerous situations that can threaten people, livestock and wild animals.

Iridium Certus® Aids in Collection of Biological Data

Iridium Certus® powers the Thales MissionLINK™ terminal for unparalleled 24/7 connectivity in the remote Norwegian landscape. IEC Telecom and The IK Foundation chose Iridium for its global, reliable, and robust communications capabilities to support the gathering of critical scientific data at an unmanned Field Station in Svalbard.

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